Some fans don't want Sabine to leave! (

When word broke last week that ABC decided to bring back fan-favorite Rebecca Budig as Greenlee, a firestorm erupted all over the Internet. From fans grateful that the original Greenlee would be returning to All My Children to fans who were incensed that Sabine Singh, who reprised the role earlier this year, had been let go from the show, we have heard a lot of rumblings.

Rebecca has been a fan-favorite since she originated the role of Greenlee in 1999. Here is what a few posters had to say.

Soapkid said, “I do like Rebecca better as Greenlee. If this happens I wish the best for Sabine … she did outstanding. If Rebecca didn’t come back I didn’t have a problem with her (Sabine) being Greenlee.”

Hungarian Princess said, “I think that is wicked awesome! I always loved Rebecca as Greenlee.”

MRFrasier said, “I don’t see Rebecca as Greenlee in the current storyline role, now if she was with Ryan, I can see that … but with Aiden or Zach forget it.”