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Some of our favorite actors and actresses move on from daytime television to star in movies and prime-time television shows. We never forget those characters (isn’t that what recasts are all about?) but we do sometimes lose track of the actors. Today we’re taking a look into the past of All My Children to update you on a few Pine Valley favorites!

Since leaving Pine Valley in the mid-80s, Darnell Williams, ex-Jesse, has had a full career in television. He has guest-starred on several prime-time shows including the now-cancelled “Hunter” and “Promised Land”, as well as hits like “ER” and the “Law & Order” franchise. Then, in 2007 he landed the role of “Griggs” on Guiding Light. It has been rumored that Williams may reprise the much-loved role of Jesse Hubbard on AMC. We will have to wait and see if that happens!