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All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For October 18 – 22:

The show this week had some fun stuff going on with my favorite Pine Valley people but the really big deal was Greenlee’s trial. I have some thoughts on my friends and ne’er do wells. Let’s go.

The most emotional moment for me this week was Angie finally getting angry about her blindness. She’s usually all light and bubbly and recently her character has lacked depth. The intense emotion between her and Jesse was really sweet and reminded me of how much more complicated they used to be. Although we’d all like to blame dead David for everything wrong in the world, I didn’t really buy the theory that her blindness was his fault. Angie is a good doctor and I don’t think she would have breached protocol unless the writers scripted it, which in this case they did.

Nice man in the mansion?
Oh JR! I don’t think he loves Annie. He lusts for her for sure, but love? No. Why would he even want a nut job like her? She whined and cried all week. And poor little Marissa, the quiet, wouldn’t hurt a flea girl. She doesn’t seem to be sexy enough to hold JR. If she’s ever sexy, we sure don’t get to see it and apparently JR doesn’t either. I like Marissa, don’t get me wrong. I just think she could have livened things up for him and us. I can’t help thinking that JR has something up his sleeve. He was such a nice guy after his cancer scare and now he’s turned into a sleazeball. Is there anyone in the show that he’s not fighting with? With Stuart dead and Scott in jail I guess AJ is the closest thing to a nice man in the mansion. The Chandler boys go from good to bad and back again more often than I change my underwear. There will be some fireworks next week when someone catches JR and Annie together. I can’t wait for that! What are your thoughts? Please take a moment to vote in our Poll: JR And Annie.