Kendall Needs Something To Do. (ABC)

Ally’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For October 4 – 8:

This week Annie and JR finally got it on again, JR channeled his inner father and Erica and Jack returned. It was a week of building stories in Pine Valley and some of it was great.

A hot mess!
Erica and Jack returned from their whirlwind trip back to Pine Valley this week. Why is it whenever characters return to this town they always return to a disaster? Remember when Kendall awoke from her coma to discover Zach fathered Gabby? Poor Greenlee came back from the dead to discover Erica was shacking up with Ryan. Now Jack and Erica return to find Greenlee is in jail for murdering David, and Kendall is jeopardizing her marriage to help Greenlee. I’d be a little annoyed with Kendall if I was Erica. After all, Greenlee had a hand in Erica’s plane crash. Attempted murder takes awhile to get over. While Jack and Erica seem to be happy, it seems like this couple is headed for a collision with Caleb and Krystal. Both Caleb and Krystal have been flirting with one another for awhile now, but will be working with Jack and Erica. Something tells me Krystal was right about herself, she’s a hot mess and these couples could be, too.

Let’s get it on.
JR and Annie have been fighting their attraction to one another for awhile now and finally gave in this week. Good for them. How much longer were we expected to watch these two stand across a room from one another basically panting, and obviously wanting to jump one another’s bones? I’m surprised Scott discovered them so quickly. Annie pointed out that she forgave Scott for sleeping with Marissa. That’s true, but they are married now. At least Annie admitted that while she loves Scott, she can’t stay away from JR. I almost wonder if JR and Annie actually made a go of it if they would get bored with one another and the attraction between them is knowing they can’t have one another. What do you think Annie’s next step should be? Vote in our All My Children Poll: Annie’s Next Step.

Broken Record.
Kendall told Greenlee that without Zach, she has no one to hang out with but her. That’s really sad. Her kids might have something to say about that. Kendall needs something more to do than follow Ryan and Greenlee around.