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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For September 20 – 24.

Last week a new suspect emerged in David’s murder investigation, Angie leaned on a couple of friends, and we learned Scott’s getting a new face. Of course other things happened as well, so let’s get to it.

A little help from her friends.
My favorite moments last week involved Angie. I enjoyed her conversation with Brot who tried to help her deal with her frustrations about going blind. It was also fun to watch Angie observe Brot and Natalia’s flirtatious banter while they all made dinner together. It was a good combination of serious and lighthearted scenes. Later in the week, Tad helped brighten Angie’s mood when she worried Jesse was tiptoeing around her. Michael E. Knight and Debbi Morgan share such an easy rapport you really believe they are friends.

Finally getting somewhere?
As for Brot and Natalia, their banter last week was fun and I felt the sparks between them. The All My Children spoilers say we’ll be seeing more of their relationship in the next couple of weeks, which I am looking forward to, as J.R. Martinez is getting more and more comfortable as an actor and it’ll be nice to see him in a romance that hopefully works.

Off limits.
Frankie and Madison’s relationship is really staring to get to Randi, and who can blame her? Nothing might have happened between them, but no woman wants to see their man that friendly and comfortable with someone else. I’m wondering if Frankie’s friendship with Madison will become more of a problem since he wants a baby and Randi doesn’t. I could see him turning to Madison to vent over the situation, which would probably not sit too well with his wife.


When did Greenlee have the time to whip up those fake letters from David? I think it’s generous that she was trying to give a few people closure, but I’m a little annoyed she also wrote them to get Ryan off the hook for her husband’s murder. I have to give Rebecca Budig kudos though because she did make me feel sorry for Greenlee, as she struggled all week with her feelings, but I’m not such a huge fan of the Greenlee/Ryan show. A vial of Digitalis was also found in her glove compartment, which means Greenlee has just jumped to the top of the suspect list and it only goes downhill from there.