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Lori’s All My Children Weekly Wrap Up For September 13 – 17.

Last week gave us some interesting casting news, a revelation, a confession, and a party for the deceased.

Casting Shake Up.

The big news last week was that Brittany Allen and Adam Mayfield have been let go from All My Children. I can’t say I’m too disappointed, as Marissa and Scott haven’t exactly lit Pine Valley on fire. There’s no definitive word on whether or not the characters will be written out or recast, but I think the show could live without Marissa. Scott on the other hand has possibilities, as he continues to battle with JR and could be a true force to be reckoned with if recast correctly. Since As The World Turns is over now and Eric Sheffer Stevens (ex-Reid Oliver) was the best thing to happen to that show this past year, I would like to see him take Scott in an edgier, darker, more dynamic place. His commanding presence would definitely compliment Caleb’s now that he and Scott are teaming up.

The New Kid on the Block.

Asher did his best to ingratiate himself with JR by hacking into Caleb’s computer for crucial information. This seemed to impress JR and he said he might be able to use Asher for more than just hacking. This could lead to interesting things, but I really just want to know who Asher will more than likely end up being related to and hope the writers take him in a compelling direction because he’s definitely growing on me.