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Lori’s AMC Weekly Wrap Up For September 6 – 10.

Last week’s AMC was pretty much all about the aftermath of David’s death, so let’s get right to it.

Goodbye David Hayward.
David is in fact dead. Since it’s a soap, it’s not out of the realm of possibly that he will return from the dead at some point, but for now, he is a goner. I’m still not pleased about this turn of events, but the episode following his death did give us a lot of good dramatic moments. From Ryan trying to remember what happened and turning himself in, to characters dealing with their conflicting emotions regarding David, it was pretty intense. I fear the enjoyable dramatic fallout won’t last though and David’s death will all be for naught. I hope I’m wrong.

Conflicting Emotions.
It was good to see so many characters actually mourn David’s passing and not just celebrate it like Tad did. Even those who had a reason to be happy he was gone, such as Angie, Amanda and even Greenlee, still recognized he was a human being who deserved some respect. For Greenlee, there was some love there for her as well, so I’m glad she was portrayed as devastated and conflicted rather than relieved her blackmailing husband was gone. Yes, he did some despicable things (who in Pine Valley hasn’t?), but we saw the human side of him when Marissa listened to his final voicemail message, as he expressed his desire to be a real father to her. It’s too bad David didn’t get a chance to explore his complexities more, as his vulnerabilities contrasted with his dark side is what made him so interesting.