Amanda Baker has only been a resident of Pine Valley for a couple of weeks but her character, Babe Carey Chandler, has been loved by the fans for several years now. Stepping in to the role may have been daunting for some but Amanda is simply excited to be part of such a great role!

I had the chance to do a question and answer session with her a few days ago and learned this Southern beauty has plans to keep Babe on the front-burner for a long, long time!

Kristi: “Let’s start at the beginning Amanda, tell us a little about yourself – where did you grow up? When is your birthday? How/when did you first become interested in acting?”

Amanda: “I grew up in Mt. Pleasant, SC, it’s basically right over the river from Charleston. My birthday is December 22nd, I’m a Capricorn! I first became interested in acting in the 8th grade. I did a musical called, “How to Eat Like a Child” and the thrill of performing was like nothing I had ever experienced. It was so exciting!”

Kristi: “Before winning the role of Babe, you were Jolene on “Night Shift”, talk about the differences between the two roles.”