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Lori’s AMC Weekly Wrap Up For August 30 – September 3.

Last week on AMC, Caleb threw a party and David died. Other things happened too, but they paled in comparison.

The End of the Devious Doc?

After physically fighting with Ryan and throwing a few threats Greenlee’s way, David stumbled into Caleb’s party and collapsed. I have to give kudos to TPTB for keeping the secret about who would die for as long as they did. Sometimes it’s more fun to speculate and wonder than it is to know every detail so far in advance. While those same powers-that-be told the soap press that David is truly dead, his portrayer Vincent Irizarry’s Facebook page says he is in the middle of contract negotiations. So what’s the real deal? We’ll have to wait to find out, but while I am tired of characters coming back from the dead and feel this was actually a pretty good twist, I truly hope he’s just faking his death to exact his revenge. He is Pine Valley’s only real villain right now and I don’t think AMC can really afford to lose any more strong fan favorite characters in the wake of losing Adam and Zach on a permanent basis. I know some of you want David gone, but from the response his death has gotten, it seems the majority of the fans want him to stay. He’s a love-to-hate character and even though he can be too much of a mustache twirler at times, if he leaves, there is no one on the canvas to effectively fill the bad guy void. Besides, if he is dead, what will Ryan and Jesse do with all of their free time if they aren’t trying to bring David down? I was also really hoping to see something develop between him and Liza. That’s my opinion on the matter, what do you want to see happen? Tell us in our poll about David’s fate.