Jillian spent "stage" time with David Canary! (Soaps.com)

A new face is headed to Pine Valley this week but hers is a face that will stay in the background – at least for a little while! Jillian O’Neil will take on the role of the new Chandler Mansion Maid (a job formerly held by fan-favorite Winifred, who is now working for Krystal and Babe). I thought it would be fun to take a look at the soap world through the eyes of someone new.

Kristi: “Tell us a little about your part on the show.”

Jillian: “My character is the Chandler Maid. I will be cleaning things up around the mansion.”

Kristi: “Does your character have family ties to Pine Valley that you know of?”

Jillian: “Now that would be fun, but there are no
connections that I know of at this time.”

Kristi: “This is a small part but the previous maid, Winifred, became integral to the household. Will this part grow to become a larger role?”