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Lori’s AMC Weekly Wrap Up For August 23 – 27.

Last week moved a lot of stories along, most of them interesting, but as always, they raised some questions.

Siding With David.
As despicable as David can be, he has a point about Angie. While I think he could find a way to work with her and still use her as an administrator, she should in no way have been practicing, nor should she continue to practice medicine while she’s losing her eyesight. She has opened the hospital, herself and co-workers up to lawsuits and she could probably kill someone. It almost angered me that Jesse and Angie were so indignant about her condition when David found out. I don’t want him to go all evil and vindictive on Angie, but I am on his side on this one.

David also dealt with his failure as a father where Marissa was concerned, which brought him to commiserate with Liza. They’re both devious and manipulative, yet desperate for love, which could make for an interestingly flawed pair. I see the possibilities.

Chandler Marriages.
The secret about Marissa and Scott came out and Annie married him anyway. I really liked that she took a mature and rational approach to deciding who she should be with. JR was really only promising her hot sex, but Scott promised security and love, which Annie needs, especially for Emma. I think Annie loves, or at the very least cares deeply for Scott so it’s not like she’s completely using him.

JR, on the other hand, told Marissa how committed he was to making their marriage work when she confessed her sins to him. How exactly was he committed? He hit on Annie every chance he got and then hightailed it over to her as soon as he and Marissa broke up. That’s some commitment.