Fans miss Alexa Havins' as "Babe". (

We first heard the rumors that Alexa Havins would be leaving All My Children at the beginning of the year. Then in September, the news was made official. We learned that a new Babe would be arriving in Pine Valley and fan-favorite Alexa Havins would be moving on. You can read about that here.

The “nuBabe” landed in Pine Valley just over a week ago and so far fan reactions have been mixed.

Much of the distress of fans seems to be the way the change-over happened. In Alexa’s last scene Babe hugged Krystal, played by Bobbie Eakes, and when she pulled away from the hug, Amanda Baker was in the role of Babe. That startling transition was very new for soap fans who are used to recast actors simply being introduced by a voice-over.

Here is what a few fans have had to say.