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The big news on AMC last week was Kendall’s return. While she was a welcome sight, other things happened as well, such as a surprise hook up, a makeover, and a confession.

She’s Back.
Kendall’s return to Pine Valley didn’t exactly garner the same fanfare Brenda’s did on General Hospital, but in some respects her initial return was more satisfying. In her first week, she was with other major players in her storyline: Ryan, Greenlee and Bianca, while Brenda remained in Italy away from all the people GH fans are dying to see her interact with. While it was nice to see Kendall get reacquainted with Greenlee and Ryan, I was more impressed with her scenes with nuBianca as I believed they were sisters, forgetting that there’s a new actress in the role of Binx. Well, until Kendall actually called her Binx, as that felt forced, but otherwise the scenes seemed effortless. Now all we need is Zach back and it’ll be the perfect homecoming.

Trouble in Paradise.
Speaking of Binx, we learned she and Reese have separated due to Reese’s relationship with Zach. I’m glad they didn’t forget that and that all is not well in their marriage. Now they just need to bring the character to Pine Valley to give Bianca a storyline. However, I kind of hope they recast the part as I wasn’t a huge fan of Tamara Braun’s portrayal of Bianca’s lover.

Hospital Shenanigans.

The fact that Jake went along with Ryan’s plan to fake a relapse was ridiculous. I was glad Jake joked that he could lose his job over it, because he could, and I highly doubt he would waste hospital resources to help Greenlee get out of her marriage. The plan worked though and Greenlee finally fessed up to Ryan about David’s blackmail. She admitted he fabricated evidence implicating her in Erica’s plane crash, but conveniently left out the part about knowing that David was the one responsible and that it was her idea to set Erica up for stealing from the Miranda Center. The best part of that whole storyline though, aside from Kendall’s return, was when Annie came to visit Ryan. I loved that he broke out of his “coma” to roll his eyes at her. Funny stuff.