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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for August 2 – 6:

AMC really mined its history last week, while also laying the groundwork for things to come.

Good Stuff.
You could really feel the show’s history on Friday. Angie talked about her life with Jesse to Jake as she discussed her predicament, while old friends Tad and Jesse reminisced as they caught each other up on their respective lives. Aside from Jake and Liza, they are the same actors and characters and it’s pretty cool that they are still around to remind of us of the rich history they do share. It would have been fantastic had Marcy Walker returned in the role of Liza, but Jamie Luner is doing a good job of making the role her own. As for Jake, the character never really made much of an impact in the past in my opinion and Ricky Paull Goldin is so wonderful in the role it doesn’t matter that he didn’t originate it. I really think AMC has been doing a good job of giving viewers what they really want out of soaps with these characters: stories based on past history, deep friendships, family and love.

The Martin Men.
Michael E. Knight has really been great as Tad, playing a more serious side as he deals with Liza’s betrayals and attempts to bond with his son Damon. I also loved his scenes with Jake as he tried to talk to his brother about Damon, but Jake took a more lighthearted approach. They have such great chemistry together. Tad and Damon’s conversation was equally as good when Damon came home, as it had the right mix of sincerity and awkwardness. I hope the powers that be are thinking of bringing Jamie back so he can meet his new brother, but in reality, wouldn’t Damon be older than Jamie?