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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for July 26 – 30:

Last week’s AMC was pretty entertaining, as it gave us many great performances, a couple of long awaited reveals, a little blackmail and the possible beginning of a great friendship. But as much as I enjoyed the week, there were of course a few things I questioned.

Smart Man.

I am so glad Tad saw through Liza’s lies and believed Damon about the photos and how Liza tried to seduce him to keep him away from Colby. I thought the scenes between Michael E. Knight and Jamie Luner were truly great. I did laugh though when Tad and Liza individually went out looking for their kids, but couldn’t find them. Isn’t Krystal’s restaurant the first place you’d look for someone in Pine Valley?

Truth Revealed.
Angie finally broke down in front of Jesse and told him she couldn’t see on Friday. That was the cliffhanger, but it looks like she tells him everything next week. I’m glad that secret is out, mostly because I really couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t tell her husband that crucial piece of information. Now there’s a new wrinkle, as she just found out she’s pregnant and the medication she’s taking for her failing eyesight could harm the baby. I like that there’s added drama, but I’m not so sure I want to watch Angie and Jesse raise a baby. I like the couple they are now and wish the writers would have found some other way for Angie to struggle with the decision of whether or not to take the medication.

Easy Fix.
If Ryan is so intent on getting David out of Greenlee’s life, all he has to do is tell the Feds David is bribing the SEC dude. It really makes no sense why he didn’t already alert a law enforcement agent to that little tidbit. And what happened with that? Is my memory failing or did they totally drop that whole issue? David confessed to setting Erica up with the Miranda Center scandal and bribed the guy so he wouldn’t go to jail, and then nothing. I would think he would be required to go through the motions of a trial or sentencing or something. At the very least, Erica or Bianca should be outraged that David didn’t go to prison for creating the scandal and demand some justice. It just seems to have been forgotten.