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What’s In Store For Kendall?

Coming back from maternity leave, Alicia Minshew returns to AMC as Kendall Hart Slater on August 9. recently got the scoop from the actress about Kendall’s reappearance in Pine Valley, as well as what we can expect from her onscreen husband Zach, whose portrayer, Thorsten Kaye, is only slated for a brief return. Kendall finally returns to Pine Valley next month. What brings her back?

Alicia Minshew: Oh boy. It’s always some sort of drama isn’t it? So, Kendall comes back because Bianca calls her and tells her that Ryan has had an aneurysm. [laughs] I’m laughing because it’s always something. The reason she comes back is because she thinks Ryan could possibly die and he is the father of one of her children and she does not want Spike to lose his father. So she flies back to be there for him, to see if he’s okay, and it turns out he’s faking and then he really needs Kendall’s help with Greenlee. So then she gets sucked right back into helping Greenlee and Ryan with something. Of course.

Alicia: Yeah, of course. It’s just so typical and of course Zach is not happy about that. Why would he be? So Zach and Kendall deal with that issue, but they’re okay. They talk things out and discuss why Kendall always has to run back to the drama and then Kendall and Zach have some nice moments together. So Zach and Kendall are doing pretty well right now.

Alicia: Right now they are. When they first come back they get into the little tiff about why she has to run back and try to fix things, but then ultimately, where I left it off, the last scenes that I taped with Thorsten are that the time away has been good for them. They’ve grown stronger. They worked through stuff. They actually talked through stuff as opposed to avoiding it, and where we left off, they’re doing good. You know, let’s see how long this lasts. Who knows what’s going to happen. I don’t know. It was nice to actually have some nice scenes with him for a change and not be fighting or something. The fans will definitely enjoy seeing that.

Well that’s good. I hope so. Since Thorsten Kaye isn’t staying, how will they deal with Zach leaving without Kendall?

Alicia: I’m not quite sure how that’s happening. He’ll be coming back to tape some more shows with me, but I don’t know what’s going to happen in those shows. I’m not sure if he’s going to go back and forth, if they can work it out with where Thorsten goes back and forth and just tapes a bunch of shows. I’m not sure. I’m as anxious as you are to figure out what they are going to write for Zach. So, there’s a possibility he will continue to just pop up every once in awhile?