Alicia Minshew (ABC)

She’s Back!

After giving birth to her first child, Willow Lenora, with husband Richie Herschenfeld, Alicia Minshew went on maternity leave late last year. She returned as Kendall Hart Slater on AMC this past April for just a few episodes, but on August 9, she will be back on a more permanent basis when Kendall and Zach come home to Pine Valley. recently talked with Alicia to find out what it was like coming back to work after having a baby and how things have changed since the show moved to Los Angeles. How does it feel to be back on All My Children?

Alicia Minshew: It feels great. It feels like I’m rejoining a part of my family. Everybody there I’ve worked with for about eight years, so it’s close friends, some of my closest friends – Rebecca [Budig, Greenlee], Cameron [Mathison, Ryan] – it’s been like I’m joining the party again. It’s different this time. It is a little harder this time because now I have the baby. It’s very hard to leave my baby, so as much fun as it is playing Kendall again and getting to work with everybody, there’s a different dynamic this time. I’m constantly thinking of my child. It is different, but good. You know, I’m still finding that balance. How is baby Willow doing?

Alicia: Willow is amaaaazing. She is amazing. She is almost nine months. She finally got her first tooth and she started crawling last week. She is a joy and a pleasure to be around. She is just a happy child. Richie and I have so much fun with her. We laugh with her all day. It’s just so fun.
Have you officially moved to the West Coast or are you commuting from New York?