We all know Erica, Palmer, Zach and Greenlee. But what about those other faces we see on the Pine Valley canvas? What about Rachael and Kyle and even those visiting doctors? Just because they aren’t in Pine Valley for long periods of time doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know a little more about them.

Soaps.com tracked down a few of those familiar faces and found out where you may have seen them outside of Pine Valley.

Will Kempe joined the cast for a few weeks beginning in August. He played Dr. Hilliard, and it isn’t the first time Will has taken on a doctor role. In 2006 he played a doctor on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent”. He has also appeared in supernatural television dramas such as “Charmed” and “Angel”.

Cheryl Hulteen’s face is a familiar one around Pine Valley – she has played Adam’s maid “Winnifred” for several years. When he fired her early in the summer, fans were incensed. That is, until Winnie was hired by the Carey women to help care for their kids. Looks like Winnie be remain in Pine Valley for quite a while to come!