Setting the tone. (

Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for July 19 – 23:

Last week’s AMC seemed to be filled with characters making questionable decisions. That might not actually seem too surprising, but it really stood out for me last week.

A Force To Be Reckoned With.
I’m still really enjoying Caleb. Probably even more so as he mixes it up with more and more of Pine Valley. His living with Bianca now is an obvious contrivance to have him interact with Erica more when she returns. However, as much as he may actually like Bianca, I don’t really see him wanting to share Wildwind with her, no matter how large it is. He’s a loner who doesn’t like people, let alone a young woman and her two little kids. Although, I loved his line to Bianca about Erica sailing off into the sunset with Uncle Jack and his perfect hair. Hilarious.

I hope when Zach briefly returns he interacts with Caleb, as I think they would play off each other well. I still hope one day Adam returns and we can see them spar as well. Because as much as I am anticipating Caleb exacting his revenge on JR for secretly buying the company from him, JR doesn’t hold a candle to his old man.

Welcome to the Family.

Damon was officially adopted last week by Tad, but since he’s not taking his meds, thanks to Liza, he blew off his party and was pretty ungrateful to his father. But here’s my question: since Tad is Damon’s biological father, why does he feel the need to adopt him? Even though I was puzzled over that, I was happy that Liza told Tad his son kissed her. She left out the other bomb, which was that Damon took photos of her when she tried to seduce him in order to keep him away from Colby, but it’s a start in getting all the secrets out there. I don’t know how this will affect his relationship with Liza or Damon, but at least Tad can make some educated decisions based on some of the truth.