Getting real. (

Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for July 5 – 9:

Last week saw a lot of snark, some sexual tension, and even some bonding on AMC.

Smarten Up!
I have a couple of questions regarding Liza. First of all, she found Damon’s phone and saw that the photos of her in her undies were still on it. Why didn’t she just erase them herself instead of waiting to question him about them? And with all the people living in Tad’s house, why would she agree to get frisky there? In his living room of all places? Of course someone is going to walk in on them. Liza lives by herself where they can run around naked all day long without anyone interrupting them – go there.

No Love For the Teens.

It’s hard to buy Colby’s claims of love for Damon. I just don’t feel it or see any real connection between them. Soaps have produced many interesting and engaging teenaged couples, but Damon and Colby are not one of them. Her tantrum just made her look like a spoiled brat. I’m not sure where they are going with these two or with Damon and Liza. I know Damon said he went off his meds and that’s why he kissed Liza, but are we really buying that? What are your thoughts on Tad’s offspring? Tell us in our poll about Damon.

Misplaced Anger.
I’m really enjoying Caleb’s disdainful attitude towards everyone in Pine Valley and feel he is smart to treat them all with skepticism, except for Tad. He didn’t deserve Caleb’s harsh reception since he was the only one who didn’t want anything from him except for him to meet the rest of his family.

Bonding Session.
Annie ran up to the cottage to get JR onboard with buying Cortlandt from Caleb, but found herself pouring her heart out about her past. It was nice to see them act real with each other instead of obnoxiously flirting or threatening each other. They are much more interesting when given some depth and JR is far more intriguing with Annie than with mousy Marissa.