Alicia Minshew is going to be a busy, busy girl over the next few weeks. In addition to her front-burner storyline, she’s getting ready for an exciting 4-day fan event – on a cruise ship! The best part is that you can tag along and spend time with Alicia and several other soap stars!

I spoke with Alicia over the phone a couple of days ago and she is really excited about the trip.

Kristi: “What can fans expect on the cruise?”

Alicia Minshew: “Lots and lots of time with the actors. As soon as they board, we are going to have a group photo with us. Then there will be games, talk shows and things. . .a lot of question and answer sessions, and just lots of time. (Fans) will also have some down time where they can just enjoy the islands and their own time. It’s really hands on.”

Kristi: “What are you most looking forward to?”

Alicia: “I think it’s going to be fun to spend time with the actors from the other shows. We’re all members of a small group and I know who everyone is so it’s going to be fun to get to know them. It’ll be work/play for me.

By the way, Alicia is a fan of several of the other actors who will be on board, but is looking forward most to meeting a few Days of Our Lives alums.