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Lori’s Weekly Wrap Up for June 28 – July 2:

Last week’s AMC gave us yet another reading of Palmer’s will, a few secrets and one very quick adoption.

Full of Surprises.
Palmer’s latest will was read and a couple of surprises were thrown in such as Caleb being his nephew and Erica and Caleb being forced to work together at Cortlandt Electronics. JR also got more control over at Chandler, but the biggest surprise to me was how organized and on top of things Palmer was before he suffered a fatal heart attack. And how coincidental was it that his unknown nephew would turn out to be the very man whose house Erica just crashed into! Only in soaps.

The reading of Palmer’s will also served to convince Bianca to stick around town a bit longer. I wonder if they will bring Reese back. I would think they would have to, as well as her kids, if they want to keep the character of Bianca on the canvas indefinitely. If they don’t what will they have Bianca do?

David’s Sacrifice.
David stepped up to the plate and confessed to setting Erica up, or so Greenlee thought. David showed his love for Greenlee the only way he knew how – by duping her into thinking he’s sacrificing himself for her, when he’s actually just paying the SEC agent off. It’s just so David. Although, when Greenlee finds out, I fear she will go running back to Ryan, which I don’t want to see happen. As dysfunctional as they are, I have come around to seeing David and Greenlee as being a good match and I would actually like to see them wreck havoc in Pine Valley together, rather than her being mushy and mooning over Ryan.

One Track Mind.
Like many of you have expressed in the forums, I am now officially tired of Jesse’s single-mindedness where David is concerned. I don’t think he has any business getting involved in Erica’s plane crash that happened in another state and having Tad investigate it seems to be iffy as well. He is the chief of police of Pine Valley – not Pigeon Hollow, or wherever Erica crashed. And making Angie’s life difficult at work is not a crime David can be punished for, so unless he has done something illegal that Jesse can prove happened in Pine Valley, he needs to focus on crimes he can do something about, in his own town. What do you think about Jesse? Vote in our poll about Jesse’s pursuit of David.