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It is not permissible to copy any images or material from for use on another website, message board or blog. Linking to any page on is acceptable.

Coming To Pine Valley
*J.Q. DePaiva, Jason, will return on December 12th. Jason will make his appearance when Spike has his own cochlear implant surgery.

*Rebecca Budig is back as Greenlee in 2008! has learned that Rebecca’s first airdate will be January 16th. You can read more about her return here.

*Welcome back, Father Clarence! Malachy McCourt will return in December; he will interact with Tad and Adam!

*Cornelius Smith, Jr. will play “Quentin” beginning December 12th.

*Here comes Janet! Kate Collins, Janet, will return to Pine Valley in November and December.

*Binx is back! has learned that Eden Riegel, Bianca, will return in December. She will appear in episodes on December 26th and 27th.

*The role of Derek has been recast. Beginning November 5th, Jerome Preston Bates has taken over the role.

*Celine Dion will make a guest appearance in November. has learned that Celine will sing her latest single on the show!

*Welcome back, Opal! Jill Larson, Opal, will lend Erica a hand in November.

*Welcome Amanda Baker! She took over the role of Babe in October!

*Welcome back, Stacy Haiduk, Hannah! Zach’s ex is returning to Pine Valley. Her first air date is set for September 14th.

*Welcome back, Terri! Terri Ivans, Simone, will visit Pine Valley on November 1st! Word is she will interact with Kendall. Simone’s ghost appeared over the summer in scenes with both Kendall and Greenlee.

*Sterling Sulieman is coming to Pine Valley to play the part of Dre, part of a garage band that practices near the new Martin home! His role will be a contract role.

*Also coming to Pine Valley is Jenna DiMartini, Corrina. She will be part of the garage band.

*Welcome Chris Henry, Ren, another member of the garage band.

*Victoria Clark, a Tony-award winning actress, will make a guest appearance on AMC October 19th. Victoria will play a party planner who interacts with Jonathan and Ava.

*Bob Hiltermann is coming to Pine Valley as Walter Novak, Annie’s estranged father. Hiltermann is a deaf actor and will be the first deaf character on AMC.He will become closely entangled with the storyline of Spike’s deafness.

*Welcome J.Q. DePaiva, who will play a profoundly deaf boy who appears on New Beginnings with Erica on September 20, 21 and 24.

*Billy Miller will portray the new recurring role of Wes beginning August 30th. Sources tell us that Wes will work at The Comeback and be interested in Babe!

*Welcome back, Julia! Sydney Penney, Julia, will return to the show August 31st. She has been off the canvas since June, when she went on maternity leave after having her son Chasen. You can read more about the new baby here.

*Welcome Alexander, Benjamin and Caleb Eckstein, Spike! These 1-year-old triplets are taking over the role of Spike, Kendall’s son!

*AMC has announced a new head writing team: Barbara J. Esensten and James Harmon Brown. They are Emmy-award winning soap opera writers. You can read the whole story here.

*Sabine Singh has joined the cast as the new Greenlee! You can read this story for more on Sabine!

Leaving Pine Valley *Goodbye, Sabine! has learned that Sabine Singh, Greenlee, will leave the show in January to make way for Rebecca Budig, who originated the role, to return. *Charles Parnell, Derek, has left Pine Valley. The role of Derek has been recast. *Justin Bruening, Jamie, is leaving Pine Valley! Justin's last day was in August when Jamie left to work in an AIDS clinic in Africa. *Alexa Havins, Babe, is also leaving Pine Valley. The role of Babe has been recast. *Bye-bye, Di! Sources tell us that Kelli Giddish, Di, has also left Pine Valley. *Ava and Julia Farrar, Spike, are leaving P.V.! The twin girls have been playing baby Spike for some time but are being replaced with triplet boys later this summer. Great job, girls! We'll miss you! *Susan Pratt, Barbara, who tried to rejuvenate her romance with Jack (and annoy Erica in the process) is leaving Pine Valley. has learned that she will only appear in a couple of more episodes before leaving town for good! *Megan McTavish, Pine Valley's head writer, has been fired. Read the whole story here.

Friday, November 30th, 2007


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