Zarf/Zoe (as played by Jeffrey Carlson on All My Children)

Useful information about Zarf/Zoe

* Zarf is a rock star.
* Zarf is a transgender person, who wishes to have male to female sexual reassignment surgery. Zarf fell for Bianca, making her a lesbian.

Who's played Zarf/Zoe over the years?

Jeffrey Carlson (2006 - 2007)

Past History

Zarf came to us as a biological male, with a rock star persona, who is transgender, wanting sexual reassignment surgery. He met and fell in love with Bianca. In April, 2007, Zoe left Pine Valley to live in London while working on her next record. While in London, she was also beginning the process of changing from a physical male to a physical female. Bianca has followed Zarf to Europe, to support her in the change, and is living in Paris.

Flings and Relationships

Betty Luper (mother)




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