Tad Martin (as played by Michael E. Knight on All My Children)

Useful information about Tad Martin

* Marital Status - Single
* Other Names: Tad Gardner (until his 1978 adoption) and Thadeus Martin (full name)
* Fabricated evidence to get Brooke acquitted for killing Jim (although no one except Dixie knows it).
* Assaulted Sweeney.
* Jailed for the murder of Dwight Sweeney.
* Escaped from jail.
* Arrested for unlawfully broadcasting a Fusion commercial over WRCW's national feed.
* Tied up Michael Cambias and tossed him in a dumpster.
* Stole Michael Cambias' body from the funeral home and buried it at the garbage dump.
* Filled Michael Cambias' empty coffin with stones.
* Arrested for the possible murder of Michael Cambias.
* Threatened to turn in Adam Chandler for the murder of Michael Cambias unless Adam dropped trespassing charges against Maggie Stone and Jamie Martin.
* Purposely lied on the witness stand at Dixie and Zach's murder trial to make it appear as though he wanted them convicted.
* Admitted to Dixie that he was the one who buried Greg Madden alive. He didn't mean to kill him, he only wanted to get information about Emma's whereabouts.
*Dixie's ghost helped him find Kate.
*Shot by Rob Gardner, AKA Papel.
*Split up with Krystal because of David.
*Dating Liza Colby.
*Learned he had a grown son, Damon, with his ex, Hillary.
*Married Cara to keep her from being deported.

Who's played Tad Martin over the years?

Michael E. Knight (1982 - 1986, 1988 - 1990, 1992 - present)
Matthew Anton (1973 - 1977)
John E Dunn (1978 - 1981)
Terrell Anthony (1990)

Past History

Tad was born to Opal and Ray Gardner, and until he was ten and his father pushed him out of a car near Pine Valley and deserted him, he was under the influence of an abusive dad. Ruth and Joe Martin became Tad's legal guardians while they searched for relatives. Ray reappeared, offering to sell Tad to the Martins for $15,000, when they refused, he raped Ruth. Charges were pressed and Ray went to jail. The Martins legally adopted Tad.

Tad went from a troubled teen to a con artist, and managed to have simultaneous affairs with Liza Colby and her mother, Marian. While involved with the two women, he was paid by Edna Thornton to date her daughter, Dottie, who became pregnant, but miscarried. The woman who Tad really wanted, Hilary Wilson, marred his best friend. Ted left town around that time.

He returned and had a brief affair with Barbara Montgomery, but met and fell for Dixie Cooney, when he rescued her from the mental institution to which Adam Chandler had had her committed. Dixie, her son JR (by Adam) and Tad became a happy family. Alas, Dixie's Uncle Palmer and Tad's biological mother, Opal were set on breaking the two apart. Palmer paid a woman to lie and say she slept with Tad, sending Dixie packing. When she learned that Tad had fallen in the consoling arms of his old friend, Brooke English, Dixie divorced him.

Tad and Dixie found their way back together, but crazy, Billy Clyde Tuggle, kidnapped her. Tad rescued her, but on the day of their wedding, Billy Clyde and Tad fought, and both fell from a bridge into the roiling river below. Billy Clyde's body was found, but not Tad's. Dixie was devastated because she lost the love of her life, and Brooke because she was pregnant with Tad's child. She later gave birth to James Martin (AKA Jamie).

Tad returned not knowing his real identify, but believing he was a Napa Valley Wine grower named, Ted Orsini. Brooke helped him regain his memory, and although he still was very much in love with Dixie, he married Brooke to be a father to Jamie. Without the love needed to sustain their union, the two eventually divorced, setting Tad free to marry Dixie.

A tornado raged through town almost killing Tad, but it wasn't nearly as devastating as old flame Liza Colby, when she blew back into Pine Valley. Tad and Dixie had hit a rough patch, and he slept with Liza. Dixie found out, took JR and moved back to Pigeon Hollow. Tad reverted to his old self, lusting after nurse, Gloria Marsh, while fighting his attraction to Liza. Unfortunately, Adam married Liza and Dimitri Marick wed Gloria, and Tad was left alone.

He was reeling from the loss of a new love interest, Camille, when Dixie returned to town. Based on their previous failed attempts at love, they skirted one another, avoiding entanglement. When they finally admitted their feelings and kissed, they set up a romantic rendezvous in New York, planning to meet on the roof of a building and start over one last time. Dixie's kidneys failed and she failed to show. Tad left with the mistaken belief that she had gotten cold feet and changed her mind. In actuality, she had been hospitalized and developed a heart condition, and chose to remain silent about her condition.

Tad fell apart and resumed his 'caddish' ways, but no one compared to his Dixie. He coerced her to go to New York, where he declared his love yet again, and proposed. Dixie accepted, and in the spring, she learned she was pregnant. Despite her medical condition and her doctor urging her to terminate the pregnancy, Dixie planned to carry the child to term. Tad didn't like the idea, but reluctantly agreed, but she eventually miscarried.

Dixie began working for David Hayward, who developed feelings for her. Tad asked her to quit her job, but she refused. Wanting Dixie for himself, David drugged Tad with something that made his libido run wild, and he helplessly ended up in bed with someone else. Dixie migrated toward David, but later learned of his underhanded scheme and went back to her husband. Tad's need to reciprocate against David went wrong and destroyed Dixie's trust. She flew to the Caribbean with plans of getting a divorce, but fell victim to her genetic heart disease. David Hayward was called upon, and using a genetic drug, he saved her life. Tad and Dixie returned to Pine Valley.

Dixie was pregnant, but kept it secret from Tad, knowing he would insist she terminate it to save her life. She made up a phony excuse to go to Switzerland, and after her third trimester, she sent Tad a letter explaining her prolonged stay. Tad looked forward to reuniting with his wife, but as he prepared to depart he learned that Dixie's car had gone off a cliff, killing her and her unborn child.

Devastated, Tad buried himself in his work, helping Edmund find his own presumed-dead wife, Maria. Of course, Tad's nemesis, David Hayward was involved up to his eyeballs.

A shared kiss between Tad and Liza resulted in Tad losing his job from Chandler Enterprises and starting his own private investigating services. He became involved with Simone Torres, which was supposed to be a non-committed relationship, but Simone fell hard. He tried to let her down gently.

Tad began investigating the new wife of JR Chandler when he learned that son, Jamie had slept with Babe. He met her mother, Krystal, who would eventually become his next romantic involvement. He swore off women for a while when he couldn't choose between Liza, Simone and Krystal.

His relationship with Krystal blossomed, but became strained when the great baby switch occurred. While Krystal was keeping Babe's secret that little Bess was really Miranda, Tad urged his father to do confirming blood tests. Tad proposed to Krystal, but her guilt kept her from accepting. He was stunned when he learned about her one-night-stand with David Hayward that had produced Babe, but at the same time, Tad worried about JR becoming more like his father, Adam. Tad detested the man, and helped Liza and Colby flee Pine Valley to escape his clutches.

Tad found Babe and Jamie when they returned from Llanview with Babe's real son. JR was still raising little Bess as his own, even though Babe had left a letter telling him the truth. Tad was part of the plan to deliver the truth to Bianca and help her recover her little girl, even though it meant hurting his step-son. He didn't want little 'James' to be raised in the Chandler household and turn out like JR. Tad was preparing to help Babe, Jamie and the little boy escape the country when they were caught and arrested.

While out on bail, Tad made preparations to help with Babe's custody battle, and mended fences with Krystal. Unfortunately, in order to keep her daughter from further separation from her child, Krystal took the rap and went to prison. JR got custody of his son and renamed him, Adam Chandler III, also called, Little A. Tad was Krystal's frequent visitor while she was incarcerated, but she made it clear they were over.

JR ended up hiring a nanny for his son, and a woman who had been in the 'pen' with Krystal, applied for and got the job. Tad couldn't explain the strange connection he felt for her, and when she lied and said she was Dixie, the strong love he felt for his missing wife erupted all over again. Strangely, when he learned the truth, he still cared about the impostor, Di. Their wedding plans came to an abrupt halt when the 'real' Dixie returned to Pine Valley.

He learned that Dixie had survived the crash and while healing, had given birth to baby daughter. The attending doctor, Greg Madden, had convinced Dixie she was dying and coerced her into surrendering the child. Dixie hunted for four years, and finally the trail led back to Pine Valley. Although Tad was furious, he took up the search for little Kate, while fighting those old feelings for Dixie.

Greg Madden made a lot of enemies in Pine Valley and was found dead. Dixie, along with Zach Slater, was arrested, but Tad, acting for the prosecution, concocted a story that cast enough doubt on the pair's guilt that they were set free. He had good reason.

Suspecting that Emma McDermott might be Kate, Tad and Dixie waited for a DNA test only to be disappointed when the test was negative. Tad finally confessed to Dixie that he was the one who killed Dr. Madden while trying to extract information from him to help find their daughter.

The demons of his guilt were driving Tad crazy, and he wandered out into the cold, snowy Christmas Eve night, and happened upon a 'mysterious' priest, who helped him find forgiveness. Tad and Krystal slept together and she became pregnant; she hid the fact and passed off the baby as Adam's. Dixie found out, though, and told JR as she was dying. The truth finally came out and Tad demanded to be part of the baby's life. Adam kicked Krystal out of the mansion but she wouldn't go; he left her alone. Tad learned of this when Colby got Krystal to the hospital. He offered to let Krystal live with him for a while.

They bought a house and moved in together; Adam kept harrassing Krystal and had baby Jenny kidnapped - he gave the baby to Janet Green! Janet 'interviewed' Krystal and Tad about being adoptive parents but wouldn't tell them where the baby was. Luckily, Jamie found Jenny.

Tad and Krystal continued to live together; Adam pretended to be Stuart to be close to her but she knew what he was doing. Finally, she had enough and asked Tad how she could move on. She and Tad married on Christmas Eve.

Soon after this both Angie and Jesse returned to town. Tad continued looking for Kate and Jesse helped him. Rob Gardner arrived in Pine Valley; he was after Jesse. At the same time, Dixie's ghost returned and began haunting Adam. At Jesse and Angie's vow renewal, Rob shot Tad; he nearly died but Dixie came to him and helped him survive. She also convinced Adam to come forward. He finally told Tad that Kathy Mershon was really Kate. Tad was thrilled to know and took Kate home with him.

Tad and Krystal settled in to live together and developed real feelings for one another. After tornadoes struck Pine Valley, Krystal lost Babe and became depressed. Tad tried to help her get through the situation. Tad and Krystal's marriage ended when she wound up with David.

Tad has been dating Liza Colby, while living with Krystal in the Martin household. Tad discovered that teen Damon was his grown son with his ex Hillary Wilson. Tad eventually formed a bond with Damon, who was dating Liza's daughter Colby. Liza didn't trust Damon and tried everything to break them up, even blackmailing him with photos that made it look like they slept together and switching out his ADHD medication. Her plan didn't work though, as Damon and Colby stayed together, but both Colby and Tad turned their backs on her.

Tad eventually eased up on Liza, but he didn't take her back. Like the rest of the town, he wasn't happy she was put on David's murder case as the new D.A. He eventually tracked down a witness to clear Ryan of the crime, but it only ended up causing more trouble for both Ryan and Greenlee.

When Jake's ex-wife Cara came to town, Tad did a little digging and discovered Griffin, the man Jake thought she left him for, was actually her brother. When Cara was threatened with deportation, Tad married her. However, their green card marriage developed into something more when started having feelings for her. Unfortunately, Cara couldn't let go of her past with Jake.

Flings and Relationships

Pam Coulson (dated in high school)
Leslie Coulson's cousin
Liza Colby
Marian Colby (simultaneously with daughter Liza)
Dottie Thornton
Barbara Montgomery
Skye Chandler Quartermaine
Gloria Marsh
Leslie Coulson
Simone_Torres (lovers - deceased)
Krystal_Carey_Chandler (lovers)
Di_Henry (broken engagement)


Ray Gardner (biological father)
Joseph Martin Sr. (adoptive father)
Opal (biological mother)
Ruth Parker (adoptive mother)
Rob Gardner (paternal uncle)
Jenny Gardner (biological sister)
Adrian Sword (biological half-brother)
Peter Cortlandt (biological half-brother)
Jeff Martin (adoptive half-brother)
Tara Martin (adoptive half-sister)
Bobby Martin (adoptive half-brother)
Philip Brent (adoptive half-brother / adoptive maternal cousin)
Joseph "Jake" Martin Jr. (adoptive brother)
Henry Martin (adoptive grandfather - deceased)
Kate Martin (adoptive grandmother - deceased)
Paul Martin (adoptive paternal uncle)
Amy Parker (adoptive paternal aunt)
Elizabeth Martin (adoptive paternal cousin - deceased)
Charlie Brent (adoptive half-nephew / adoptive first cousin)
Kelsey Jefferson (adoptive half-niece)
Joshua Madden(adoptive half-nephew)
Samuel Carlos Jefferson (adoptive great-half-nephew)


Damon Miller (with Hillary Wilson Miller)
James Edward Martin (with Brooke)
Unnamed Child (with Brooke - ectopic pregnancy)
Unnamed Child (daughter with Dixie - miscarriage)
Kate Martin (daughter with Dixie)
Jenny Colby Carey (daughter with Krystal)


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