Sean Montgomery (as played by Brent Weber on All My Children)

Useful information about Sean Montgomery

* Marital Status - Single.
* Other Names: Matthew Sean Montgomery
* Procured a fake ID for Colby Chandler so she could get into ConFusion.
* Slept with Ava Benton.
* Slept with Hannah Nichols.

Who's played Sean Montgomery over the years?

Brent Weber (August 11, 2006 - April 2008)

Past History

Sean Montgomery was conceived to provide bone marrow for his older sister Molly, and he never felt he was wanted for anything more. He hailed from Seattle, living with his mother, father and sister, until his father passed away.

With a globe-trotting mother, constantly involved with a string of men, and a sister doing an internship abroad, Sean came to Pine Valley to visit his Uncle Jack.

Erica was shocked to come home and find the house a mess, filled with a bunch of strange kids. She was even more surprised to find out the host of the party was none other than Jack's nephew, Sean. Erica urged Jack to make Sean leave, but Jack wanted him to stay. He saw Sean as a good one to keep an eye on Lily since she had been spending time on the internet in chat rooms.

Sean became the object of affection of two different girls - Colby Chandler and the visiting niece of the Chandler's maid, Sydney. The girls shared a 'sweet sixteen' party, and both wanted him as a date. Lily accompanied Sean as a way to meet her new online friend, and Sean was supposed to stay with her, but he became distracted by Colby, and Lily slipped away.

At the end of the party, Sean invited a group of attendees to join him on the Montgomery yacht, and he and an inebriated Colby had sex. Afterwards, Colby took the wheel and crashed the yacht, sending most of the passengers to the hospital. Sean had to face the wrath of his Uncle Jack for taking the vessel without permission and for not keeping Lily safe. She was almost raped by a perverted man who preyed on young girls.

Meanwhile Colby, who meant nothing more to Sean than a one-night stand, hid herself in the secret passages of her home and let her family believe her dead. Finally, Colby came clean; the two of them were sentenced to community service. Although both families were against it, they also continued seeing each other but just as friends this time.

Ava Benton came to town and flirted heavily with Sean; they slept together several times, which broke Colby's heart. When they broke up, Sean tried to make things right with Colby. Hannah Nichols seduced him after trying to kill Kendall; Sean left town soon after this.

Flings and Relationships

Sydney_Harris (flirtation)
Colby_Chandler (lovers)
Hannah Nichols (one night stand)


Travis Montgomery (father - deceased)
Barbara Montgomery (mother)
Molly Montgomery (older sister)
Bianca Montgomery (half-sister)
Jack Montgomery (uncle)
Kit Fisher (aunt)
Greenlee Smythe (cousin)
Lily Montgomery (cousin by adoption)
Reggie Montgomery (cousin by adoption)
Miranda Montgomery (half-niece)




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