Scott Chandler (Past) (as played by Adam Mayfield on All My Children)

Useful information about Scott Chandler (Past)

* Scott was adopted by Stuart Chandler as a small boy.
* Created a 'virginity' website to embarrass Becca.
* Was about to marry Gillian when Ryan interrupted and took his place!
* Scott is a film student.
* Is grieving the death of his father.
* Is attracted to Annie.
* Lives with Annie and Adam.
* Stole an idea from Palmer after he died.
* Married Annie.

Who's played Scott Chandler (Past) over the years?

Adam Mayfield (April 9, 2009 - October 15, 2010)
Forbes March (April 19, 1999 - September 2000)
Daniel Cosgrove (November 27, 1996 - 1998)
Philip Amelio (1998 - 1991)

Past History

Scott was adopted as a small child by Stuart Chandler; his mother, Cindy, died from an AIDS related illness and he has always considered Stuart to be his real father.

As a teenager Scott developed a crush on Anita Santos but because he was insecure focused his attention on Laura Kirk. He became Laura's tutor but their romance never flourished. Scott skipped his senior year of high school by gaining early enrollment in college. Laura broke things off with Scott because of her past. Scott quickly became interested in Gillian Andrassy. Another girl, Kelsey, also liked Scott and soon the three were embroiled in a love triangle with both women trying to win Scott's heart. Kelsey enlisted con-man Ryan Lavery's help in getting rid of Gillian. They sabotaged a getaway that Scott had planned with Gillian. Scott soon discovered what Kelsey and Ryan were up to and told Gillian; when Kelsey called Immigration to have Gillian departed, Scott offered to marry her. On the way down the aisle, though, Ryan took Scott's place!

Scott soon left for college on the West Coast. When he returned he met and fell for Becca Tyree, JR's babysitter. Becca helped Scott with his film school admission but soon broke off their relationship because she found out about a sex tape that Scott made with Greenlee. They made up but were never the same. Leo du Pres soon arrived in Pine Valley and Becca fell for his seduction scheme; she gave him her virginity. Scott found out and set up a website about the affair!

Around this time Stuart was presumed dead after a cabin fire but Scott stayed strong for his family. Becca eventually forgave him for the website stunt.

Scott returned to Pine Valley in 2009. He is mourning the death of his father, whom he recently discovered was shot by his Uncle Adam. Stuart lives with Adam and Annie, and is attracted to Annie, who has just married Adam. Scott works at Chandler and often butts heads with cousin JR.

After Adam left town, Scott and Annie struck up a relationship. They became engaged after Adam divorced her upon learning of her affair with JR. When Marissa told Scott she saw Annie and JR together and believed they were going to have sex, Scott and Marissa hit the sheets themselves. They later learned JR and Annie didn't cheat on them.

The guilt was too much for Marissa and she confessed her indiscretion to JR. JR in turn went to tell Annie on her wedding day, but Scott found them and confessed to sleeping with Marissa himself. After some quick soul searching, Annie decided to marry Scott anyway.

Scott also stole the revolutionary nanotech project he had been working on with Palmer before his death. He acquired it so he could prove himself at Chandler. JR found out and was furious he used such sneaky tactics, but agreed to keep quiet about it.

Unfortunately for Scott, Annie and JR couldn't keep their hands off each other and he found them in bed together. He informed Annie that they were over and, in an attempt to finally do the right thing, he confessed to stealing the nanotech project, which landed him in prison.

Flings and Relationships

Marissa Tasker Chandler
Laura Kirk
Greenlee Smythe
Gillian Andrassy
Becca Tyree


Fred Parker (biological father)
Cindy Parker (biological mother, deceased)
Stuart Chandler (adoptive father)
Adam Chandler (uncle, by adoption)
Charlotte Chandler (aunt, by adoption)
Karen Parker (aunt)
Hayley Vaughn (cousin, by adoption)
JR Chandler (cousin, by adoption)
Colby Chandler (cousin, by adoption)
Adam Chandler III (cousin, by adoption)
Anna Claire Chandler (cousin, by adoption - deceased)
Ross Chandler (couson, by adoption)
Lorenzo Hector Santos (cousin, by adoption)
Julie Rand Chandler (cousin, by adoption)




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