Samuel Woods (as played by Mario Van Peebles on All My Children)

Useful information about Samuel Woods

*Samuel Woods is a politician.
*He arrested Erica on insider trading charges; he later worked for her release.
*Samuel and Erica flirted.

Who's played Samuel Woods over the years?

Mario Van Peebles (January 29, 2008 - present)

Past History

Samuel Woods sent an investigator to Pine Valley in 2007 to find his son, Dre. Dre, with the help of Colby Chandler, avoided his father's private investigator. However Samuel, who was running for a senate position, was invited to Pine Valley to appear on Erica Kane's talk show "New Beginnings". He flirted with Erica but was really gathering evidence to have her arrested.

At the Go Red Fashion Show, Samuel had Erica arrested on insider trading charges. Erica tried to flirt her way out of the charges but Samuel wouldn't play her games. She was sentenced to six months in prison. Sam visited her often and they developed a strong friendship and attraction. He was integral in getting Erica released and after she returned to Pine Valley, they continued their flirtation. Samuel called things off after Dre's arrest for the Richie Novak hit-and-run; although Dre was cleared, Sam decided to focus on his son. He and Dre left Pine Valley while Samuel finished his senate campaign.


Dre Woods (son)


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