Ryan Lavery (as played by Cameron Mathison on All My Children)

Useful information about Ryan Lavery

* Marital Status - Single.
* Set up a "kick-back" scam to bilk WRCW advertisers out of money.
* Arrested and plead guilty to raping Kit Fisher - Charges dropped.
* Adultery (with Gillian Andrassy Martin).
* Stole a porcelain egg from Chandler Mansion - Sold it to buy a motorcycle.
* Threatened JR after he'd hit Ryan's motorcycle with his car.
* Shot in the chest by Jonathan Lavery.
* Shot Jonathan Lavery in the stomach in self-defense.
* Injured in a mine explosion.
* Strangled David Hayward until he blacked out.
* Staged his own death by plunging a motorcycle off of a cliff and into the ocean.
* Helped Zach uncover the Satin Slayer.
* Romanced Annie to forget Greenlee; he married Annie.
* Was shot and lost his memory, which caused him to remember his love for Greenlee.
* Lost Greenlee to an accident
* Romanced Kendall after Greenlee died
* Romanced Erica
* Dated Madison when a back from the dead Greenlee wouldn't take him back.

Who's played Ryan Lavery over the years?

Cameron Mathison (January 12, 1998 - July 3, 2002; July 23, 2003 - present)

Past History

Ryan emerged in Pine Valley at the hospital emergency room, claiming to be a victim of a bus crash. The nurse on duty, Gloria Marsh, recognized him for the con man he was and was about to send him packing when she got sidetracked after injured, Dimitri Marick, arrived. He needed a transfusion, and Ryan was a match. Gloria traded her silence about Ryan's attempted scam for a blood donation that saved Dimitri.

Ryan worked his magic on Liza Colby, convincing her to let him try to increase WRCW's profits and also tried to take kickback money from Erica Kane for Enchantment advertising. The two women teamed together to bust him, and he ended up being blackmailed into breaking up the pending marriage of Gillian Andrassy and Scott Chandler.

In the end, Ryan married Gillian. It was all fun and games, until he discovered that Scott only planned to marry Gillian to keep her from being deported, and she no longer had any money. For immigration purposes, the two had to stay together for a year to make their marriage valid to stay out of jail. In the interim, the two failed to recognize their love for one another and openly toyed with others. Ryan was about to divulge his feelings for Gillian when he found her in bed with David Hayward. Ryan ended up drunk and accused of raping Kit Fisher, a newcomer to Pine Valley, and although he proclaimed his innocence, a DNA test matched him at 80%. He hid out, but was outed by David Hayward, who took pride in telling him about how Gillian slept with him for money.

While in jail, Ryan was visited by his brother, Braden. The two reminisced about their childhood, and during their conversation, Braden let something slip, that tipped Ryan to the fact that his brother had raped Kit. Ryan said nothing, feeling he owed Braden for saving him from their abusive father, and took the rap. Eventually, Ryan was cleared.

Ryan and Gillian, still unable to profess their love, filed for divorce, and Ryan went to work at Haley and Mateo's new nightclub. When Mateo's attention turned to his first wife and newfound son, Haley found herself attracted to Ryan and the two shared a kiss. Of course, Gillian witnessed it, told Mateo, and Ryan was fired. He returned to WRCW for a while before starting his own internet company and reuniting with Gillian, once again.

Gillian eventually married Jake Martin, but when she kept the news from him that he was not Colby's biological father, he flipped out and left Pine Valley. Ryan made another move on Gillian, and she waited for Jake to return so she could file for divorce. She ended up not having the heart to ask for one when she learned that Jake had been working with orphans in a war-torn country.

Eventually, Ryan was tired of waiting and called it quits, but they later married in a lavish wedding hosted by Dimitri Marick.

Their life was happy at last, but ended abruptly when Gillian was the mistaken target of a hit man hired to kill Anna Devane. Ryan made the decision to remove his beloved wife from life support and donate her heart to Laura English.

The scene switched from Pine Valley to Heaven, where Gillian was met by all the dearly departed from Pine Valley, who showed up to welcome Gillian home.

Ryan found solace in the arms of Liza Chandler, who was also distraught at finding Adam cheating on her. Ryan and Liza began an affair. She became pregnant and miscarried Ryan's child when she fell down the stairs.

When Ryan learned of his mother's death, he also discovered her secret. She had engaged in an affair with Christopher Stamp, a man Ryan loathed. Nine months afterwards, Gail Lavery had a son, and Ryan was faced with the reality that he might have been fathered by Chris.

Ryan's life was further complicated when Erica's daughter, Kendall became his neighbor at the Pine Cone Motel. What was originally antagonism turned to romance, and the two became engaged and planned to leave Pine Valley as soon as Kendall was cleared from arson charges. But, on the day of their wedding, he found Kendall in a compromising position with Aidan Devane. An angry Ryan roared out of town on his motorcycle.

Ryan returned to Pine Valley with the announcement that he had become the owner of Cambias Enterprises, the multi-billion dollar company started by the late, Alexander Cambias. The business was left to him after a short chance meeting in the desert. The estate was valid as long as Michael Cambias had no children, but when
Michael ended up dead after raping Bianca, the will became questionable. Bianca got pregnant, but Kendall pretended to be the expectant one to take the attention off her sister. Ryan believed that Kendall was making her claim only to get her hands on the money, and forced her to take a blood test. Kendall persuaded David Hayward to swap the samples to back up her story.

Kendall ended up being arrested for Michael's murder, although few believed she had done it. At her trial, Greenlee, yanked Kendall's dress off, revealing her fake stomach, and ending the lie. Ryan signed the estate over to Bianca but when the baby switch occurred, and everyone believed her child was dead, everything reverted back to Ryan. The estate went back to Bianca when her daughter, Miranda, turned out to be baby, Bess.

Ryan and Kendall tried a hand at love, but she couldn't get past his friendship with Greenlee. Kendall's jealousy eventually drove Ryan into Greenlee's arms, marriage and a shared love.

Younger brother, Jonathan, arrived in Pine Valley, and was not the shy child that Ryan remembered.

Before long, Greenlee began suffering strange bouts of illness and suspected Jonathan of poisoning her because of his jealousy for his brother's attention. Jonathan, however, pointed a finger at older brother, Braden, insisting he was the culprit. However, the truth was revealed after Jonathan kidnapped, Greenlee, Kendall and Lily and held them hostage in the same cave where he had buried Braden's body. In order to save the girls, Ryan shot Jonathan, who was then buried by an explosion of the bomb he had set up in the mine.

Ryan had a vasectomy to insure that no further Laverys would come into the world, but Greenlee refused to face never having a child. She, Kendall and Simone broke into a clinic where Ryan had sperm stored. When Greenlee announced her pregnancy, Ryan was so angry, he got on his motorcycle and drove off a cliff.

He survived but let everyone think he was dead. He went in search of his sister Erin, finding her alive and well and working as a waitress. What he didn't expect to find was Jonathan. Erin and Ryan finally figured out that there was something wrong with him, and medical tests confirmed a brain tumor. The removal was a success.

Ryan overheard Greenlee telling Erin how much she loved Ryan, so he decided to return to Pine Valley, crashing his own memorial service. Greenlee was overjoyed to see Ryan, but once she heard about Jonathan, she was done. Shortly after, Ryan learned that it was Kendall who was carrying he and Greenlee's child. But at Thanksgiving, Greenlee told everyone the blackout that Zach Slater had masterminded had killed her fertilized eggs, and that the baby Kendall carried was her own. Greenlee left Ryan and Pine Valley for good.

Initially angry, Ryan softened and agreed to participate in the pregnancy, but JR Chandler nearly ended it when he attempted to murder his wife, Babe, and toppled building materials onto Kendall, instead. While Erica and Ryan made Kendall's life the priority, Zach, who loved Kendall, convinced them that she would want the child to live. He barricaded himself in her hospital room, and fought off everyone who wanted to sacrifice the baby. In the end, baby Spike was born, thrived, and went home to live with Kendall and Zach, when she chose him over Ryan.

Ryan painfully accepted losing Kendall, and moved on to a friendship with newcomer, Annie McDermott and her daughter, Emma. He recently had to face the loss of his sister, Erin, to a serial killer who is targeting the women of fusion. Ryan and Zach tracked the killer to Las Vegas but Ryan remained in Pine Valley to watch over Spike; he began to fall for Annie. The Satin Slayer was finally caught and Ryan began to date Annie. She was reluctant but he won her over and convinced her to marry him. Greenlee returned at this time and stopped the wedding because she had never finalized their divorce. Ryan went with her and Annie to Puerto Rico for a quickie divorce and marriage.

Things were fine until Ryan took a bullet meant for Kendall and was shot in the head. Several weeks later he lost his memories of the past four years; he believed it was 2004 and he was in love with Kendall. He recovered memories of Kendall and then Greenlee but still believed he loved Kendall. He also continued living with Annie during this time, assuring her that he was fine. He pretended he had regained his memories and they made love; Annie became pregnant. Ryan finally remembered Greenlee and realized he was still in love with her when she decided to marry Aidan. Ryan tried to win her back but Greenlee wouldn't listen to him. Ryan and Annie decided to renew their wedding vows and ran into Greenlee and Aidan in Las Vegas when they were getting married.

Ryan continued telling Annie he loved her but chasing after Greenlee for several months; this made Annie crazy. She began to fake being attacked and stalked to get Ryan's attention; he was focused on Greenlee, though. Greens finally admitted she loved him. Tornadoes struck Pine Valley as Ryan and Greenlee made love. Emma was kidnapped and Ryan and Annie had to save her. They followed clues to Puerto Rico, where it seemed that Di was behind the plot; she was killed and Aidan was injured.

Back in Pine Valley Ryan forced Annie to admit she was behind the kidnappings; she said she was but said it was Greenlee's fault for stealing him from her!

Ryan reunited with Greenlee, however, she was killed in an accident when Kendall inadvertently ran the motorcycle she was riding on off the road. Ryan romanced Kendall after that, and helped to prove Kendall innocent of killing Stuart Chandler. Ryan then entered a romance with Erica Kane, but it was short-lived. Greenlee was revealed to be alive, but was furious he slept with Kendall and Erica, so she married David.

He continued to try and win Greenlee back, but to no avail. Ryan bought Zach's casino in the meantime and began a relationship with Madison, another damsel in distress.

Greenlee was finally ready to leave David and own up to her feelings for Ryan, when David turned up dead at Caleb's party. Both Greenlee and Ryan were accused of the murder and eventually reunited while trying to prove their innocence. Just as Greenlee was found guilty of David's murder, he turned up alive.

Finally free to be together with nothing hanging over their heads, Greenlee and Ryan moved in together. Their happiness was short-lived though, as Greenlee discovered Madison was pregnant with Ryan's baby. She kept it from him and Greenlee and Ryan were married. The secret came out though, but Ryan eventually forgave Greenlee. They also discovered their first marriage was invalid since the reverend, Ricky Torres, who married them was really the man who tried to kill Zach. They had a second wedding where Tad married them for real.

When David's Project Orpheus came to light, bringing Dixie and Zach back, Ryan became suspicious. He and Zach set up an elaborate plan to entrap David. They got David to confess he was a silent partner with Zach's casino partners and knew all along about Ricky Torres, although he never tried to kill Zach himself.

Flings and Relationships

Kelsey Jefferson (a "pretend" affair to make Scott Chandler jealous)
Hayley Vaughan
Greenlee Smythe
Gillian Andrassy Martin
Opal_Cortlandt (kissed)
Liza Colby
Mia Saunders (lovers)
Kendall_Hart_Slater (engaged - Jan 27, 2004)
Madison North


Patrick Lavery (father - deceased)
Gail Curry (mother - deceased)
Braden Lavery (brother - deceased)
Jonathan Lavery (brother)
Erin Lavery (sister)

Note: In 2001, it was stated that Ryan and Braden were Gail's only two children and they had taken her maiden name of Lavery rather than Patrick's name.


Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Liza)
Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Greenlee)
Spike (son with Kendall - born 2006)
Emma (daughter to Annie - born 2001, via a sperm donation)


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