Reggie Montgomery (as played by Michael B. Jordan on All My Children)

Useful information about Reggie Montgomery

* Marital Status - Single/Never Been Married.
* Held Anna Devane at knife point.
* Assisted Luis in robbing Trey Kenyon's apartment
* Refused to tell police that Luis was in the alley when Jack was shot.
* Stole a handgun from Jack's safe.
* Stole Mary Smythe's car so she would be stranded in the woods.
* Helped drag Michael Cambias' body to an abandoned warehouse.

Who's played Reggie Montgomery over the years?

Michael B. Jordan (recurring: January - February 2003) (contract: March 2003 - June 5, 2006)

Past History

Reggie's debut in Pine Valley was at a clinic being treated for injuries sustained during a gang brawl. He cemented his fear of being arrested by taking Anne Devane hostage. Reggie had grown up very poor, and the woman who ran the clinic persuaded Dr. David Hayward to help the young man. David had his attorney brother, Trey Kenyon get Reggie released and Trey took him home. He wanted Reggie to be able to support himself, so he got him a job at Fusion.

One of the local gang leaders, Luis, tracked Reggie down and threatened him with bodily harm if he didn't aid him in robbing Trey's apartment. Reggie was caught in the act and arrested, and Trey bailed him out again, but Reggie continued to maintain a tough-guy attitude and wouldn't mellow.

He met DA Jackson Montgomery when he divulged the identify of the arsonist responsible for setting fire to Erica Kane's house, and although Jack became his guardian, Reggie still had to serve a jail term.

When Kendall Hart fired Reggie from Fusion, he went to work at the community center. His personality immediately clashed with that of Joni Stafford, a rich white girl who was fulfilling a community service sentence. There was actually a physical attraction between the two.

Luis continued to intrude and eventually shot Jackson. When Reggie didn't report Luis, Joni did, but he wasn't charged. Luis then forced Reggie to steal supplies for him from a house-building project, but that was the last straw. Finally sick and tired of Luis' interference, Reggie stole Jack's gun and planned to kill him. Before he could, the police arrested them both, but Reggie testified against Luis, putting him behind bars and out of his life.

Jack adopted Reggie and he became part of the family. He helped Kendall dispose of Michael Cambias' body and protected Bianca when she finally remembered what had really happened.

Reggie's life took a serious romantic turn when he met Danielle Frye, the Police Chief's daughter. Chief Frye wasn't at all thrilled to have his daughter dating Reggie, but realizing it was a losing battle, he finally relented. Although Danny and Reggie were very much in love, they decided to abstain from sex. Both were virgins and wanted to wait for the right time, but Reggie found himself painfully disappointed to learn that Danielle had sex with Josh Madden, sharing herself for the first time with him rather than Reggie.

Flings and Relationships

Joni Stafford (kissed)
Danielle Frye (dated)


Jackson Montgomery (adoptive father)
George Porter (biological older brother - deceased)
Unnamed Porter (biological sister)
Unnamed Porter (biological sister)
Greenlee Smythe (paternal half-sister by adoption)
Lily Montgomery (paternal half-sister by adoption)
Travis Montgomery (paternal uncle by adoption - deceased)
Christine Montgomery (paternal aunt by adoption)
Bianca Montgomery (paternal cousin by adoption)
Molly Montgomery (paternal cousin by adoption)
Matthew Sean Montgomery (paternal cousin by adoption)
Miranda Mona Montgomery (paternal first cousin by adoption




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