Rebecca Fowler (as played by Laura Koffman on All My Children)

Useful information about Rebecca Fowler

*Rebecca was Jesse's psychiatrist.
*Rebecca and Jesse have a daughter, Natalia.
*Rebecca was diagnosed with a fatal brain tumor.

Who's played Rebecca Fowler over the years?

Laura Koffman (October 28, 2008 - February 5, 2009)

Past History

When Jesse was on the run for 20 years, he had a breakdown. His doctor was a woman named Rebecca; they fell in love and lived together for the next 20 years. They have a daughter, Natalia. When Jesse learned it was safe to return to Pine Valley, Rebecca encouraged him to return to his family.

Rebecca came to Pine Valley after the tornadoes struck because Natalia was hurt. She wanted to leave but collapsed in the hospital; Angie learned she was dying and invited Rebecca to live with her family so that Natalia wouldn't have to bear the burden alone.

Rebecca seemed to be getting better but in February her doctor told her that the chemo wasn't working; he suggested other options but Rebecca refused. She made Frankie promise to keep her secret after he overheard her talking and quickly said her goodbyes to Natalia and Angie. She left town.

Flings and Relationships

Jesse Hubbard - lovers


Natalia Hubbard (daughter with Jesse)


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