Peter “Petey” Cortlandt (as played by Robert Scott Wilson on All My Children)

Useful information about Peter “Petey” Cortlandt

* Born late in life to Opal Cortlandt and Palmer Cortlandt on Christmas Eve.
* Opal calls him "Petey."
* Spent much of his childhood in boarding school.
* Dropped out of Stanford to start his own business, CortApps.
* Returned to Pine Valley in 2013 to help his mother Opal save Cortlandt Electronics.

Who's played Peter “Petey” Cortlandt over the years?

Robert Scott Wilson (April 29, 2013 - present)
Daniel Kennedy (July 11, 2008 - 2009)
Mitchel Federan (2002)
Casey Gunther (1999 - 2002)
Jack McKillop (1997 - 1999)

Past History

Opal was surprised to learn she was pregnant with Pete when she thought she was going through menopause. Palmer, who thought he had been unable to have children because of an old riding accident, was proved to be the father through DNA testing after some doubts.

Pete was a handful as a child, at one time torturing his nanny Kendall Hart. He was sent to boarding school but returned briefly in 2008. He tried to start a romance with Colby Chandler that went nowhere and moved to Switzerland in 2009.

Pete returned to Pine Valley on April 29, 2013 to help Opal save the dying Cortlandt Electronics. He had recently dropped out of Stanford to run his own tech company, CortApps. Intrigued by Celia Fitzgerald, he decided to stay in town longer than anticipated.

Flings and Relationships

Colby Chandler (flirtation)
Celia Fitzgerald (flirtation)


Palmer Cortlandt (father)
Opal Cortlandt (mother)
Tad Martin (mother)(half-brother)
Jenny Gardner (half-sister)
Adrian Sword (half-brother)
Ross Chandler (half-brother)
Nina Cortlandt (half-brother)
Andrew Preston (half-brother by adoption)
Jamie Martin (nephew)
Kate Martin/Kathy Mershon (niece)
Jenny Colby Carey Martin (niece)
Bess Cooney (aunt, deceased)
Julie Rand Chandler (adopted aunt)
Will Cortlandt (cousin, deceased)
Bobby Warner (adoptive nephew)
Mickey Warner (nephew)
Dixie Cooney Martin (cousin)
Melanie Cortlandt (cousin)
JR Chandler (cousin)
AJ Chandler (cousin)




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