Peter “Petey” Cortlandt (Past) (as played by Daniel Kennedy on All My Children)

Useful information about Peter “Petey” Cortlandt (Past)

*Petey is the son of Opal and Palmer.
*He was a "menopause baby".
*He offered to help Colby, Dre and Cassandra cover up the hit-and-run.
*Petey and Adam teamed up to ruin Fusion.
*Petey is in love with Colby Chandler.

Who's played Peter “Petey” Cortlandt (Past) over the years?

Daniel Kennedy (July 11, 2008 - present)
Mitchel Federan (2002)
Casey Gunther (1999 - 2002)
Jack McKillop (1997 - 1999)

Past History

Peter "Petey" Cortlandt was born late in life to Opal and Palmer. Because he was a "menopause baby" and because Palmer mistakenly thought he was sterile, he accused Opal of having an affair. When he realized that the baby was really his Palmer was incredibly happy. Opal named the baby for Palmer, whose real name was Peter.

Petey returned to Pine Valley and immediately fell head over heels in love with Colby Chandler. To prove his love he offered to help her cover up her part in the hit-and-run of Richie Novak; she initially refused but then gave in. Luckily, Colby and the other kids were cleared of the charges.

Petey confessed his love many times but Colby wouldn't listen so he teamed up with Adam and offered to help him tank Fusion's new perfume, 'Bella', in exchange for Adam's blessing with Colby. Adam agreed; Petey tainted the perfume with his own concoction. When Adam was exposed, he threatened to expose Petey, too, but Colby learned of it and stood by her friend.

Adam and Petey continued to work together so that Petey would have access to Colby.

Flings and Relationships



Palmer Cortlandt (father)
Opal Cortlandt (mother)
Tad Martin (half-brother)
Jenny Gardner (half-sister)
Adrian Sword (half-brother)
Ross Chandler (half-brother)
Nina Cortlandt (half-brother)
Andrew Preston (half-brother by adoption)
Jamie Martin (nephew)
Kate Martin/Kathy Mershon (niece)
Jenny Colby Carey Martin (niece)
Bess Cooney (aunt, deceased)
Julie Rand Chandler (adopted aunt)
Will Cortlandt (cousin, deceased)
Bobby Warner (adoptive nephew)
Mickey Warner (newphew)
Dixie Cooney Martin (cousin)
Melanie Cortlandt (cousin)
JR Chandler (cousin)
Adam "Little A" Chandler (cousin)




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