Palmer Cortlandt (deceased) (as played by James Mitchell on All My Children)

Useful information about Palmer Cortlandt (deceased)

* Marital Status - Single/Widowed.
* Plotted with Sybil Thorne to break up Cliff and Nina.
* Paid Sean Cudahy to date Opal.
* Paid Daisy to keep quiet about being alive and well then convinced Nina that she was responsible for her mother's (Daisy's) death.
* Covered for Natalie when she killed Silver Kane, and dumped Silver's body in the pond at his estate. He was sentenced to 1 to 3 years in jail.
* Paid Opal to come back to Pine Valley to break up Tad and Dixie.
* Paid Loretta Rutherford to claim she and Tad were having an affair to break up Tad and Dixie's marriage.
* Stole five masterpiece paintings from the Nazis and hid them in a secret room in his cellar at Cortlandt Manor. He also skipped town to avoid having to return the paintings to their rightful owners.
* Hacked into Stuart's computer at the gallery and illegally obtained his financial records then deleted all of the accounting information.
* Bought the jewels Adam gave Krystal after she divorced him.
* Died from a heart attack.

Who's played Palmer Cortlandt (deceased) over the years?

James Mitchell (1979 - January 2010)

Past History

Palmer hailed from Pigeon Hollow, West Virginia and was known there as Pete Cooney. Although he courted Charlotte (Lottie) Chandler, and the two had a son, Ross, 'Pete' left them behind and came to Pine Valley to find his fortune. As Palmer Cortlandt, he fell in love with Daisy, the daughter of his housekeeper and had a daughter, Nina, with her. When he discovered that Daisy was cheating, he kicked her out of the house and let Nina believe her mother had died.

As an overly protective father, Palmer doted on Nina, and didn't think any man worthy of her. He tried to thwart her romance with Cliff Warner in more ways than one, but failed. Cliff and Nina married and left Pine Valley.

Palmer became interested in an ex-hooker, Donna Beck, and believed he could refine her into the companion he sought. While they were on a skiing trip, they ran into her ex-hubby, Chuck Tyler, and as luck would have it, Donna and Chuck ended up trapped in a cave by an avalanche. Fearing they were doomed to die, they made love, but ended up being rescued. Donna discovered she was pregnant, but Palmer knew it wasn't his. He believed he had been rendered sterile in a polo accident years before. Still he played the role of the loving husband to escape embarrassment, but when the truth came out, he and Donna split.

After another failed try with Daisy, and a brief interlude with his son's ex-wife, Palmer was shot by one of Adam Chandler's henchmen. Palmer hired Natalie Marlowe to be his nurse. The two fell in love and planned to marry, but she ended up having an affair with Ross. Ross got booted out, and Natalie wanted nothing to do with Palmer, but he blackmailed her into reconciling. The reunion didn't last long, as Natalie drifted into a relationship with Jeremy Hunter. Palmer was determined to break them apart, but couldn't.

Since he couldn't control his own love life, he tried to manipulate everyone else's. His niece Dixie was in love with Tad Martin and that didn't sit well. Palmer enlisted Tad's biological mother, Opal, to help destroy their relationship. The plan failed on one hand, but on the other, Opal and Palmer came together, married and had son, Petey. (Hey, what happened to his sterility?)

Their marriage ended when Palmer became involved in stolen Nazi paintings and had to admit he had them or fake his death and flee with the art. He lost on all counts, including his home which Opal got in the settlement. He didn't fare any better with Vanessa Bennett, whom he later married, but they did rekindle their flame when Palmer discovered that Vanessa was blackmailing Arlene Chandler. The hush money was coming out of Adam Chandler's pocket, and that was just fine with Palmer, since he and Adam had been at war since their Pigeon Hollow days. Vanessa's confession to another affair ended her relationship with Palmer for good.

Palmer became interested in Opal again, jealous of her new found interest in a musician. He used his wealth and connections to get Hank Pelham a gig touring with a band, getting him out of Pine Valley, and Opal's life, but their relationship stalled.

After a disappointing visit from grandson, Bobby Warner, who bilked Edmund Grey out of a lot of money and then left town without a goodbye, Palmer wasn't ready for the shock in store for him. A strange woman, hired to be a nanny for JR Chandler's new child, revealed she was really Palmer's niece, Dixie Cooney Martin, returned from the dead. Di's lie was undermined when the real Dixie showed up, alive and well, with a sad story to share. For the past four years Dixie had been seeking a daughter who was stolen from her by Dr. Greg Madden. The trail had lead her home, and she hoped to find her daughter, Kate, before she had to face Tad. Palmer welcomed his beloved niece home with open arms.

Months later, Dixie was killed by the Satin Slayer, who was targeting Babe. Palmer was crushed.

Palmer continues to be a force in Pine Valley; after Krystal's divorce from Adam, Palmer bought all of the jewels that Adam had purchased for her. This gave Krystal a fresh start; she bought "The Comeback".

Palmer left town after he invested with a shady banker and went broke.

In 2010, he secretly returned to Pine Valley, but suffered a heart attack and died. His body was discovered by Jake at the Valley Inn.

Flings and Relationships

Charlotte Chandler (deceased)
Janet Marlowe
Leila Mainwater (dated)


Bess Cooney (sister - deceased)
Will Cortlandt (nephew - deceased)
Dixie Cooney (niece)
Melanie Cortlandt (niece)
Adam Chandler Jr. (great-nephew)
Unnamed Child (great-niece)
Adam Chandler III (great-great-nephew)


Ross Chandler (son with Lottie)
Nina Cortlandt (daughter with Daisy)
Andrew Preston (son with Cynthia by adoption)
Peter Cortlandt (son with Opal)
Bobby Warner (grandson by adoption)
Michael Warner (grandson)
Julie Rand Chandler (granddaughter by adoption)
Samuel Carlos Jefferson (great-grandson by adoption)


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