Myrtle Fargate (Deceased) (as played by Eileen Herlie (Deceased) on All My Children)

Useful information about Myrtle Fargate (Deceased)

* Marital Status - Single/Widowed.
* Posed as Kitty Tyler's mother (was hired by Phoebe Tyler to do so), to break up Kitty and Linc.
* Stole adoption records from a courthouse.
* Arrested on a minor civil disobedience charge (done deliberately just to spend time with Erica in jail).

Who's played Myrtle Fargate (Deceased) over the years?

Eileen Herlie (1976 - June 23, 2008)

Past History

Myrtle came to Pine Valley from the carnival circuit, hired by Phoebe Tyler to break up the romance between her son, Linc, and Kitty Carpenter. Myrtle masqueraded as Kitty's deceased mother, and became very fond of the young woman. In order to end the sham, Myrtle had to hire a friend to pose as a doctor and tell Kitty that her mother had died.

Myrtle, moved to Minnesota and married Nigel, the love of her life, but when Kitty died, Myrtle returned to Pine Valley and became close friends with Mona Kane.

Mona and Myrtle contrived a plan to invest their retirement money in a retirement home, but Brooke and Edmund discovered the whole thing was a sham and saved them from losing their nest egg. Mona and Myrtle remained close friends until Mona's death, at which time Myrtle stepped in to become Erica's surrogate mom, and guiding hand.

During her 'carnie' days, Myrtle had given up a child for adoption, and when Rae Cummings came to town looking for the child that was stolen after birth, Myrtle befriended her. In the end, Rae turned out to be Myrtle's long lost daughter, and although Rae was very angry at Myrtle for giving her away, they eventually bonded.

Myrtle has been a shoulder to lean on for almost everyone in Pine Valley. Whenever anyone needs wise advice they always seek out Ms. Fargate. She may be getting on in age, but she still finds great delight in the attention of those young, handsome men in Pine Valley.

Flings and Relationships

Carnival high-wire walker
Leo the lion tamer
A lightning rod salesman


Claudia Connor (sister)
Ceara Connor (niece - deceased)
Skye Chandler Quartermaine (granddaughter)


Gretel Rae Washburn Cummings (daughter with carnie performer)


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