Miranda Montgomery (as played by Denyse Tontz on All My Children)

Useful information about Miranda Montgomery

* Conceived after Bianca Montgomery was raped by Michael Cambias.
* Born in a storm when Bianca was stranded with Babe Carey.
* Middle name is Mona after her great-grandmother Mona Kane Tyler.
* Switched at birth and raised by JR Chandler and Babe. Bianca believed her child was dead.
* Was kidnapped by JR when Bianca learned the truth.
* Spent much of her childhood in Paris.
* Heir to the Cambias fortune.

Who's played Miranda Montgomery over the years?

Denyse Tontz (April 29, 2013 - present)
Mackenzie Aladjem (2010-2011)
Haley Evans (2005-2009)
Raymond Michael and Joseph Raymond Cartigiano Jr. (2004-2005)

Past History

Miranda was conceived after her mother, Bianca Montgomery, was brutally raped by Michael Cambias. Bianca struggled with the decision to keep her or not and was eventually convinced by her sister Kendall to keep the baby. Bianca was told her baby was dead at birth, but she had really been taken by Paul Cramer, Babe Carey's then-husband. He passed Miranda off as Babe's baby, while her son had been given to Paul's sister Kelly Cramer in Llanview.

Babe eventually found out the truth but kept it to herself until she was involved with Jamie Martin. JR kidnapped Miranda and during a struggle Bianca fell off of a balcony and was badly injured.

Bianca woke from her coma when Miranda was placed in her arms. They later moved to Paris but returned briefly to Pine Valley in 2006. They moved back to Paris in 2007, but came back in 2008. At that time Bianca gave birth to another girl, Gabrielle, fathered by Zach Slater.

In April 2013, Miranda was in high school with good friend AJ Chandler.

Flings and Relationships

Hunter Morrison (flirtation)


Bianca Montgomery (mother)
Michael Cambias (father)
Erica Kane (grandmother)
Mona Kane Tyler (great-grandmother - deceased)
Kendall Hart Slater (aunt)
Ethan Cambias (cousin - deceased)
Jackson Montgomery (great-uncle)
Greenlee Smythe Lavery Dupres Hayward (cousin)
Zach Slater (uncle)
Ian Slater (cousin)
Gabrielle Montgomery (half-sister, cousin)
Spike Lavery (cousin)

Josh Madden




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