Marian Colby Chandler (as played by Jennifer Bassey on All My Children)

Useful information about Marian Colby Chandler

* Slept with Tad while he was still seeing Liza.
* Murdered Zack Grayson
* Found peace with Stuart and married him.
* After shooting Marissa, ended up in Oak Haven.

Who's played Marian Colby Chandler over the years?

Jennifer Bassey (1983 - 2009; July 28, 2011 - present)

Past History

Marian Colby arrived in Pine Valley as a real estate agent. Desperate for attention, Marian began an affair with Tad Martin, her daughter Liza's boyfriend! Liza left town. Soon after Marian's husband, Larry, had a heart attack and she began an affair with Zach Grayson. She later killed the con-man, but Daisy Cortlandt was put on trial for the murder. Marian was finally discovered and received a six-month sentence.

After being released from prison Marian became a real estate agent and again tried to seduce Tad. Liza returned to town but her relationship with Marian was never the same. Soon after Marian began seeing Dr. Jonathan Kinder, who stole her fortune. She moved into the Chandler manse to help Liza but then tried to seduce Adam! Instead, she wound up in bed with Stuart. The two fell in love, got married and lived very happily together.

Stuart was killed in 2009. Believing Kendall was guilty, Marian shot at her, but hit Marissa instead. She ended up in Oak Haven. In 2011, Erica was sent there and discovered Marian, Annie and Janet all residing there.

Flings and Relationships

Tad Martin
Stuart Chandler
Zach Grayson
Larry Colby
Dr. Jonathan Kinder


Colby Chandler (granddaughter)


Scott Chandler (son, by adoption)
Liza Colby (daughter)


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