Madison North (as played by Stephanie Gatschet on All My Children)

Useful information about Madison North

* Was married to Henry North, the D.A.
* Killed her unloving husband.
* Blackmailed the Hubbards.
* Has a cold father.
* Has tried to commit suicide.
* Got a job at Fusion and the casino while trying to make it on her own.
* Became close with Ryan.

Who's played Madison North over the years?

Stephanie Gatschet (June 19, 2009 - Present)

Past History

Madison came to town as the wife of D.A. Henry North, who shared a past with Randi Hubbard. Madison, who was raised with a very cold, unfeeling father, could no longer take not feeling loved by her husband and killed him.

Randi was on the scene at the time, and believed she had killed Henry. Madison let her, and the rest of the Hubbard family believe Randi was responsible, and has blackmailed them.

Madison was sent to Oak Haven after trying to commit suicide. The Hubbard family saw what Madison's father was like, and helped her through her ordeal.

Erica also befriended Madison and gave her a job at Fusion. However, Greenlee fired her when Madison defended Erica and suggested they go looking for her after she disappeared. Greenlee was also jealous of Madison's developing relationship with Ryan, who Madison also worked for when her money issues became too overwhelming.

Ryan and Greenlee became involved, but unfortunately for Madison, Ryan and Greenlee eventually reunited. Madison discovered she was pregnant, but didn't want Ryan to know. When Greenlee found out, she agreed to keep the secret and struck a deal with Scott Chandler to keep Madison occupied and away from Ryan.

Madison and Scott developed a friendship and he even claimed the baby was his when Ryan found out she was pregnant. Friendship turned to love, but Ryan soon discovered the baby was his. Madison then learned about Scott's deal with Greenlee and went into premature labor soon after.

Flings and Relationships

Daughter with Ryan


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