Krystal Carey Chandler (as played by Bobbie Eakes on All My Children)

Useful information about Krystal Carey Chandler

* Stole Tad Martin's car.
* Broke into Tad's house and rigged it with booby traps.
* Threatened to post Tad's full name, address, social security number and mother's maiden name on the Internet.
* Switched DNA tests to make it appear as those Miranda Montgomery was really Bess Chandler.
* Arranged to have JR's car explode.
* Arrested for failure to return a child, a felony.
* Arrested for record tampering.
* Carrying a child that Adam believes is his, but in truth the baby is Tad's.
* Married Tad to keep Adam away from her.

Who's played Krystal Carey Chandler over the years?

Bobbie Eakes (December 12, 2003 - Present)

Past History

Krystal Carey appeared in Pine Valley after Tad was hired to investigate JR Chandler's new wife, Babe. As her mother, Krystal sashayed into town to make sure her "baby doll" was all right, and turned things upside down at the Chandler Mansion with her vibrant way of dressing and unrefined speech. Upon learning that Babe was pregnant, Krystal vowed to stay, but Adam refused. To please his new bride, JR, overruled his father and let Krystal move in. She immediately helped Babe keep secrets from Adam and JR, including the fact that Babe's previous marriage to Paul Cramer had never been annulled. Tad Martin discovered the secret, but was sworn to secrecy. After all there was a little bundle on the way. Krystal promised to mail the proper papers to the court to take care of the matter.

Jamie Martin let it be known that the child Babe carried might be his, and he wanted a paternity test. Babe confided to Krystal that she had slept with him, and paid Paul to 'alter' the test results to show JR as the father. Krystal kept her secret.

Bianca Montgomery was expecting around the same time as Babe, and when the two women found themselves trapped in a cabin in the middle of storm, Bianca went into labor. Babe delivered the child and then went into labor herself. Bianca was unconscious, and Babe called her ex, Paul, a chopper pilot, to come and fly time out. He came, but drugged Babe, stole her son and replaced the little boy with Bianca's daughter. Bianca woke, only to be told that her daughter had died. For months, she grieved, while the child named, Bess, was being raised by the Chandlers. Babe kept having strange dreams about having had a boy, but brushed them aside. The great baby switch was eventually discovered, but not before Kyrstal had a hand in altering DNA tests. The test had proven that Bess was not Babe's child, and Krystal mourned the loss of her grandson, but kept the news secret, even from Babe.

Tad and Krystal had developed feelings for one another, but she felt guilty about what she knew. In order to push him away, she pretended to be interested in David Hayward. Liza snooped around and found the annulment papers that Krystal had hidden and showed them to JR, but he forgave Babe and the planning for their 'real' wedding progressed. Krystal had her doubts about JR, and eventually so did Babe. He tried to drug her in order to gain sole custody of baby Bess.

David Hayward learned the truth about the babies and threatened to tell everyone. Krystal shocked him into silence by revealing that Babe was his daughter - the result of a one-night stand years ago. DNA tests proved the story.

Babe eventually realized that JR didn't love her, and having learned the secret of the babies, planned to come clean with Bianca. In the meantime, she also learned that her son was alive and living in Llanview. Babe managed to get DNA enough for David to confirm her belief, and it also proved, to her dismay, that JR was the father and not Jamie, as she hoped.

Krystal received a proposal from Tad, but guilt kept her from giving him an answer. She was caught in a dilemma. Coming clean would mean losing Tad and putting Babe in jeopardy for her role in the deception. Certainly, JR would gain custody of his son and Babe would never play a part in his life. Her shroud of secrecy finally caused Tad to call it quits.

Jamie and Babe kidnapped her son and went on the run. Tad found out the truth and was furious with Krystal for keeping the news from him. He set out to tell Bianca the truth, but David stopped him, explaining the repercussions would indict Jamie in the crime. The letters that Babe had left behind, explaining Bess's paternity, had been destroyed by JR.

Krystal learned that Babe planned to tell Bianca the truth at a charity event that JR would also attend. The planned reunion between mother and daughter didn't go as planned, when Bianca fell from a balcony and lapsed into a coma. Krystal came face-to-face with Erica Kane, when the woman discovered that Krystal had known the secret for some time. Bianca recovered, got her baby back and Erica had Krystal arrested.

JR learned that his son was alive, and Babe and Jamie were arrested for kidnapping, along with Tad who was driving at the time. He was drawn back to Krystal by her willingness to take the entire blame so that Babe could fight for her son. While Krystal went to jail, praying that Babe got her son, JR was awarded custody of 'Little Adam'.

Jail life was tough. The other prisoners harassed Krystal, but she was befriended by Di Kirby. Tad was a frequent visitor until Krystal told him he needed to stay away. She became good friends with Di and was sad when the woman was released, and later learned that Dixie Martin might be alive. When Tad came again to visit, he proposed to Krystal, but she questioned his motives. She didn't believe he had gotten over Dixie.

When Adam used his 'connections' to get Krystal freed, she was shocked to learn that her old cell mate, Di was who everyone believed to be Dixie. Fearing that Tad couldn't take losing his Dixie again, Krystal and Adam teamed up together to keep the DNA information that David Hayward had from Tad. He eventually learned the truth when the real Dixie came back to town, hot on the heels of Dr. Greg Madden, and looking for her and Tad's missing daughter.

Meanwhile, Adam and Krystal got married while in a drunken stupor, and Krystal refused a divorce realizing that being Mrs. Chandler had its advantages. She could try to manipulate more time for Babe to spend with her son. It wasn't too disappointing when she learned that the marriage also entitled her to one half of Adam's financial holdings. This immediately set the two at war, with neither recognizing the growing attraction between them.

When Dr. Greg Madden died, Tad's hopes of finding his daughter died with the doctor. Krystal comforted Tad, and they ended up having sex. Both agreed it was a mistake and vowed it would never happen again because Krystal truly loved Adam. When morning sickness struck, and Krystal discovered she was pregnant with Tad's child, she had to decide which road to take. She choose to stay with Adam and tell the world that he was about to become a dad. Adam was elated.

Through David Hayward and his unscrupulous medical methods, Dixie learned the truth and pressured Krystal to tell Tad about his daughter, since he had already lost little Kate. She tried to make Dixie understand that there was too much at sake. The truth finally came out when Josh pressured Krystal to tell the truth to "save" Babe from JR. An emotional Krystal tried to make Adam understand what she did but the truth was too much and Adam went over the edge.

He left Krystal, in labor and alone, with only a dead cellphone for help. He also engineered the kidnapping of the baby, named Jenny in honor of Tad's deceased sister, with the help of Janet Green. Janet decided to interview Tad and Krystal to make sure they would be good parents, leaving an unconscious Amanda to guard the baby. Amanda woke and realized the baby was sick and they were stuck in a locked doll warehouse. Jamie arrived in the knick of time and managed to save Jenny's life.

To make Adam leave her alone, Krystal married Tad; for both it was a marriage of convenience but they soon developed real feelings for one another. Although they aren't passionately in love, they do love one another. Krystal also opened The Comeback bar, which soon became a Pine Valley favorite.

In 2008, tornadoes hit Pine Valley; Babe was seriously injured and died. This brought David Hayward back to town. He began manipulating Krystal through her grief for her daughter.

Krystal began an affair with David, which Tad found out about. He divorced her and received custody of Jenny, however they remained on fairly friendly terms. Krystal remained with David and married him, but didn't realize he was drugging her.

It was later revealed that Krystal had another daughter with David - Marissa, who she sold to a family because she was too poor to raise two children. Marissa came to town and the two eventually formed a relationship.

Krystal finally saw David for the manipulator that he was and left him. Tad invited her to live with him and their daughter.

She is the owner of the restaurant Krystal's and works as an assistant for Jack. She also befriended Caleb Cortlandt, the man who saved Erica after her plane crashed. Krystal started to fall for Jack during Erica's disappearance, but it didn't go anywhere.

She had to step aside when Tad married Cara, but Tad didn't want her to move out of the house. However, she did just that when Dixie returned. She began to wonder if Babe was really alive after David brought Dixie and Zach back from the brink of death.

Flings and Relationships

Ronald Desmond Fitzgerald
Dr_David_Hayward (one-night stand)
Doogie "The Dirt Bike King" Dettweiler
Tad_Martin (lovers)


Earl Carey (brother)
Tallulah (materal aunt - one of five - married to P.J.)
Adam Chandler III (grandson)


Arabella Carey (daughter with David)
Marissa Tasker Chandler (daughter with David)
Jenny Colby Carey (daughter with Tad)


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