Kendall Hart Slater (as played by Alicia Minshew on All My Children)

Useful information about Kendall Hart Slater

* Marital Status - Married (Zach Slater).
* Locked Bianca in a crypt.
* Claimed Erica knowingly stabbed Dimitri because she was jealous he had seduced Kendall.
* Forged documents stating that Corvina and Dimitri were switched at birth which would mean that Corvina and Anton would inherit the Marick fortune.
* Faked suicide by making it look as though she took too many pills.
* Burned Erica's and Dimitri's divorce papers. (1994)
* Threatened Dimitri by saying she would tell Anton who is real parents were.
* Attempted to write a tell-all book about Erica.
* Called Donald Steele to leak the news that Bianca had gotten into an accident while driving drunk.
* Took secret Enchantment files to Revlon.
* Held Erica at gun point.
* Destroyed Greenlee's gown and other items at a bridal show.
* Stole Bianca's key to Erica's office at Enchantment.
* Aided fugitive Aidan Devane's flight from the authorities.
* Broke into Michael's condo to try to (unsuccessfully) steal money from his safe.
* Failed to call the police upon finding that Michael Cambias had been shot.
* Arrested for the attempted murder of Ryan Lavery.
* Hid inside a large trunk so that she could eavesdrop on Ryan and Greenlee.
* She and her unborn son almost died when JR tried to kill his wife and mistook Kendall for her.
* Concealed knowledge that Ryan was the real father of Emma McDermott.
* Tried to keep Ryan and Greenlee apart.
* Sabotaged Annie's relationship with Ryan.
* Was comatose after being in a tornado.
* Received her brother Josh's heart after.
* Ran Greenlee off the road, which led to Greens being presummed dead.
* Was accused of killing Stuart Chandler.
* Tracked down Zach's killer.

Who's played Kendall Hart Slater over the years?

Alicia Minshew (January 3, 2002 as mystery person; January 8, 2002 - present)
Sarah Michelle Gellar (February 24, 1993 - July 3, 1995)

Past History

Kendall came to Pine Valley, pretending to be a big fan of Erica Kane and got a job as her assistant. When grandmother, Mona, noticed a familiar birthmark on Kendall, an unhappy truth was revealed. Kendall was the product of Erica's rape at the age of fourteen, and had been given up for adoption. Kendall's obsession to find her biological mother led her to Pine Valley.

Despite Erica's plea to halt the search for Richard Fields, Kendall's father, and the man who raped Erica, Kendall tried to enlist the help of Erica's husband, Dimitri. When Erica found out, she banned Kendall from their home and divorced Dimitri for his involvement. Later she stabbed him with a letter opener, believing Kendall's lie that he had raped her. Kendall, bitter toward the mother who threw her away, falsely testified during Erica's trial that Erica stabbed Dimitri in a jealous rage over his relationship with Kendall. She finally told the truth and went to jail for perjury, but not before discovering that Richard Fields was truly the monster Erica believed. He tried to force himself on Bianca.

While in jail, Anton, Dimitri's ward proposed to Kendall and she accepted, but when he discovered her working with writer, Del Henry, to write a tell-all book about Erica's scandalous life, he broke it off. Later, when discovering that Dimitri was his real father and had hidden the fact, Anton and Kendall wed to make their respective parents miserable. Anton and Kendall's loveless marriage soon fell apart.

The book about Erica never came to fruition, but Del and Kendall fell in love and planned to marry. They went to Florida to live with her adoptive mother, Alice Hart, upon learning that Kendall's adoptive father had passed.

Kendall came back to Pine Valley when she heard that Erica was on trial for murdering Frankie Stone. Kendall hoped to testify and send her mother away for a very long time, but Erica was found not guilty. Kendall turned her attention to Ryan Lavery and shared a platonic relationship with him for a time before moving into Myrtle Fargate's boarding house so she could work on her sister, Bianca, trying to turn her against their mother.

Kendall moved out and relocated to the Pine Cone Motel, and was accused of setting fire to Erica's house. While she was on trial, she and Ryan became engaged and had plans to marry and leave town as soon as Kendall was declared innocent. It took a while, but Erica finally dropped the charges when Myrtle provided Kendall with an alibi. Trey Kenyon, the real arsonist, went to jail.

On the day of their wedding, Ryan found his bride-to-be in a compromising position with Aidan Devane. As an angry Ryan rode out of town on his motorcycle, Kendall stood in a drenching rain, begging him to stay.

Kendall, Greenlee and Simone teamed up to start Fusion Cosmetics, and while on a company trip, Kendall met wealthy, Michael Cambias. He followed her home and she fell for him. What she didn't realize was that he had designs on a secret recipe for an anti-aging cosmetic that her mother had, and using Lena Kundera, who had become Erica's new CFO, he planned to steal it. When his plan came to light, Michael was bumped from the family business and retaliated by raping, Bianca.

Bianca kept the rape to herself for a while, but eventually Michael was cleared of the charges and disappeared. Bianca in the meantime, became pregnant, and trying to shield her from publicity, Kendall announced that she had married Michael and was pregnant with their child. When Michael was found dead, she was the number one suspect. Kendall was later cleared when Bianca recalled all the details of the night she had previously blacked out and murdered Michael. She was cleared for self-defense, but not before Greenlee ripped Kendall's dress off in court, revealing her fake stomach to the world.

Bianca, despite pleas from Erica to give up the child, decided to have it. On a stormy night, she and Babe Chandler went into labor while stranded in a cabin. When Bianca awoke she was told that her child had died. It wasn't until much that she discovered that Babe and JR's son had been stolen and they had her daughter, whom they called Bess.

The presumed death of Bianca's child sent Kendall into a depression, and she ended her relationship with Ryan. When Ethan Cambias showed up, claiming to be the heir to the family fortune that Ryan had inherited, Kendall quickly became interested in him. In the meantime, Ryan married Greenlee.

Ethan was the one who secured DNA to prove little Bess was really Miranda, and Ryan signed Cambias Enterprise over to him and Bianca's child. Bianca took little Miranda (renamed from Bess) and left with Maggie Stone to move to Paris to head the foundation there.

Furious with his father, Zach, Ethan took over the business, swearing revenge. When Edmund Grey was murdered, Ethan tried to implicate his father, and swore to Kendall he was being truthful, but Lily Montgomery came forward with the real name.

Ryan, in the meantime, dealt with the appearance of his brothers, Braden and Jonathan. He harbored a lot of guilt over having run away from home, leaving Jonathan and Erin to suffer continued abuse. Someone began poisoning Greenlee, and although she suspected Jonathan, he pointed the finger at Braden. Finally, Jonathan's mind spun out of control and he kidnapped Greenlee, Kendall and Lily, and Ryan had to shoot Jonathan to save the women.

Devastated, Ryan had a vasectomy to assure that no more crazy Lavery's were born into the world, but Greenlee who refused to face never having children, enlisted the help of Kendall and Simone to break into a sperm bank that held Ryan's donation. When Greenlee announced her pregnancy, Ryan rode his motorcycle off a cliff. He lived but let everyone but Zach believe him dead.

Greenlee miscarried Ryan's child, and in her depression, Kendall offered to be a surrogate, but against Zach's wishes. When a blackout in Pine Valley destroyed Greenlee's fertilized eggs, Kendall had herself implanted with her own, planning to keep it a secret and still hand the baby over to her friend.

Ryan turned up alive, after having found his sister harboring a very much alive, Jonathan. Kendall was furious with Zach for having aided in the deception of Ryan's death, but they remained married. She loved him more than she imagined, but her eventual fear of rejection drove her to divorce him.

When the truth was revealed that Zach was responsible for the blackout that destroyed Greenlee's hopes for a child, Greenlee learned Kendall's secret and left town. Zach was still her rock, but she still became a pawn, manipulated by Dr. Greg Madden, who convinced her to give away her child. Ryan opposed the move, making a determined Kendall even more open to Greg's suggestion. Zach was the one who finally made Kendall realize her maternal love, and the two married. When they came back to Pine Valley, Kendall and her unborn child were almost killed in JR Chandler's attempt to murder his wife, Babe. While Ryan and Erica were more concerned with saving the mother's life, Zach barricaded himself in her hospital room to keep her baby alive. It was what he knew she would want.

Little Spike was born early, but thrived and eventually went home with Kendall and Zach. With Ryan sharing custody, things were going well, until Kendall's green-eyed monster surfaced as Annie McDermott, a newcomer, set her sites on Ryan. During this time, Kendall discovered she had a new brother, in Josh Madden, spawned at the time of her mother's supposed abortion years before. The evil, Dr. Greg Madden had stolen Erica's embryo and implanted it into his own wife.

Kendall's world was rocked when friends and fellow Fusion workers, Simone and Erin were found dead at the hands of a supposed serial killer. Now there are bodyguards everywhere and Zach is acting very strange. Fingers are pointing at rock star, Zarf, but everyone is suspect. In the meantime, Kendall has reason to believe that Annie's daughter Emma might have a connection to Ryan, and she has asked Josh to run a secret DNA test to prove her theory. Kendall kept the news that Ryan was Emma's father to herself.

When Babe was attacked by the Satin Slayer Kendall, Zach and Josh saved her life and faked her death. Babe recovered; the Satin Slayer was revealed to be Alexander Cambias. After he was convicted, Kendall learned she was pregant and Greenlee returned to disrupt Ryan's wedding to Annie. Kendall tried to keep Greenlee away but she couldn't; Greenlee ruined the wedding. Soon after, Kendall began having early labor pains and doctors told her to take it easy. Greenlee insinuated herself back at Fusion, making things more stressfull. On the way to a New York press conference, Kendall went into early labor; she asked Babe to drive her and Greenlee to drive with Spike. Greenlee kidnapped Spike.

Babe got Kendall to the hospital but doctor's couldn't stop the labor. It was soon learned that Greenlee had taken Spike and gotten into an accident; Zach tried to keep the news from Kendall but her gurney was pushed by Spike's when doctor's brought him in. Baby Ian was born more than two months prematurely and given little hope of living. Josh stepped in to help and the baby was saved.

Kendall had a hard time attaching to the baby because of her fears for Spike, who was found to be deaf, and her fears of Greenlee taking Spike. Greenlee finally backed off and Kendall began to be a mother to both of her sons.

Kendall and Greenlee finally repaired their friendship and then Ryan lost his memory; he thought it was still 2004. Kendall tried to be his friend but this put pressure on her relationship with Zach, especially when Kendall began pushing Ryan and Greenlee into renewing their past relationship. When tornadoes hit Pine Valley in 2008, Kendall was hurt badly and lapsed into a coma. Zach had her sent to Canada for treatment.

Things got worse for Kendall when it was revealed she needed a heart transplant. Her brother Josh was shot and placed on life support after he was found robbing Zach's casino. Zach convinced Erica to sign the papers transferring Josh's heart to Kendall. When she woke up, Kendall had a hard time adjusting to the news that she had her brother's heart and that Zach had donated his sperm to Bianca and her fiancée Reese so they could have a baby.

Kendall grew suspicious of Zach and Reese's relationship. When Bianca and Reese were to marry in a double wedding ceremony with Greenlee and Ryan, Kendall refused to go and took off in her car. Greenlee went after her on a motorcycle, but was almost hit by Kendall's car. Greenlee went over the cliff and was presumed dead. Zach confessed to driving the car.

Kendall helped Ryan through the grieving process and they slept together. Kendall and Zach divorced, but soon bonded over their son Ian almost dying due to heart problems. When Kendall was accused of killing Stuart Chandler, Zach married her again so he wouldn't have to testify against her.

While she avoided jail, Kendall was imprisoned when Aidan kidnapped her. Zach of course rescued her and she was eventually cleared of all murder charges. The Slaters then decided to leave Pine Valley with the boys in order to work on their relationship.

When Ryan had an aneurysm, Kendall returned to Pine Valley. She quickly learned his relapse was all for show so he could fool Greenlee into letting him help her get away from David.

Greenlee was arrested when David appeared to have been murdered. In an attempt to help Greenlee and Ryan clear the former's name, Kendall begged Zach to help them while they were on the run. Zach did so against his better judgment, but his plane exploded when he was about to transport Greenlee and Ryan back to Pine Valley. Zach's body was never found, but David turned up alive revealing he faked his own death.

While grieving Zach's death, Kendall's health waned. She came down with pneumonia was then diagnosed with an aortic aneurysm. She also blocked out shooting David during this time, because he was the reason Zach was in his plane in the first place.

Kendall befriended both minister Ricky and Dr. Griffin Castillo. Griffin was forced to perform emergency surgery on Kendall for her aneurysm when their ambulance crashed. This experience brought the two closer together.

Ricky had his sights set on Kendall as well, but Kendall soon discovered that Ricky was the one who killed Zach. In an attempt to take him down, Kendall pretended she was falling in love with him too and even went so far as to agree to marry him. It all came to head on the yacht, when Ricky discovered she was wearing a wire and she pulled a gun on him.

Flings and Relationships

Dimitri Marick (crush/obsession)
Del_Henry (engaged)
Aidan_Devane (kissed)
Trey Kenyon (kissed)
Michael Cambias (lovers)
Jonathan_Lavery (one-night stand)
Ryan_Lavery (engaged: January 27, 2004)
Ethan Cambias (engaged - deceased)


Bill Hart (adoptive father)
Alice Hart (adoptive mother)
Richard Fields (biological father)
Erica Kane (biological mother)
Ben Shepherd (biological paternal half-brother)
Joshua Madden (biological maternal half-brother)
Bianca Montgomery (biological maternal half-sister)
Eric Kane (biological grandfather)
Mona Kane (biological grandmother)
Mark Dalton (biological half-uncle)
Silver Kane (biological half-aunt - deceased)
Julie Rand Chandler (biological half-cousin)
Miranda Mona Montgomery (biological half-niece)
Gabrielle Montgomery (biological half-niece)


Spike (son with Ryan)
Ian (son with Zach)


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