Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin (as played by Alexa Gerasimovich on All My Children)

Useful information about Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin

*Kathy Mershon arrived in Pine Valley with her mother in 2007; she became Julia Santos' ward when her mother died.
*Kathy was revealed to be Kate, Tad and Dixie's daughter, after Dixie's death in 2007. Dixie was the only person who knew the truth.
*Adam discovered the truth about Kathy/Kate but decided to keep the news from Tad for revenge.
*In 2008, Dixie's ghost returned to Pine Valley and haunted Adam into revealing the truth.

Who's played Kathy Mershon/Kate Martin over the years?

Alexa Gerasimovich (2007 - present)

Past History

Kathy came to Pine Valley with her mother in 2007. After her mother's death, Kathy went to live with Julia Santos. She bonded very quickly with Julia and Jamie Martin. Through Jamie she came to know Tad Martin and developed a strong relationship with him, too. Throughout this time, Tad was searching for his biological daughter, Kate, whom Dixie had given up for adoption.

Adam Chandler blackmailed Amanda Dillon into stealing some information from Wildwind, in that box of information was Kathy's adoption certificate and the information that Kathy was really Kate. Adam tried to blackmail Krystal, saying he would tell Tad about Kate if she would come back to him. Krystal turned him down.

In 2008, Dixie's ghost returned to Pine Valley and haunted Adam into revealing the truth. Kathy was thrilled that Tad was her father but she did not like Krystal being part of their life. She tried to get Tad to leave Krystal or Krystal to leave Tad but none of her actions worked; Tad finally realized what was going on and the family began to have counseling sessions.

Flings and Relationships



Tad Martin (father)
Dixie Cooney Martin (mother)
Jamie Martin (half-brother)
Jenny Colby Carey Martin (half-sister)
Ray Gardner (paternal biological grandfather - deceased)
Opal (paternal biological grandmother)
Joseph Martin Sr. (paternal adoptive grandfather)
Ruth Parker (paternal adoptive grandmother)
Henry Martin (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
Kate Martin (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Jenny Gardner (biological paternal aunt - deceased)
Peter Cortlandt (biological paternal half-uncle)
Jeff Martin (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
Tara Martin (paternal half-aunt by adoption)
Bobby Martin (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
Philip Brent (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
Jake Martin Jr. (paternal uncle by adoption)
Joshua Madden (paternal half-cousin by adoption)




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