JR Chandler (as played by Ryan Bittle on All My Children)

Useful information about JR Chandler

* Other Names: Junior, A.J., J.R., Adam Chandler Jr.
* Ran away from home.
* Stole his father's car. (May 15, 2001)
* Driving without a license. (May 15, 2001)
* Drug use. (May 16, 2001; May 23, 2001)
* Held in contempt for not showing up to a court hearing. (May 16, 2001)
* Driving under the influence of drugs. (May 16, 2001)
* Destruction of property (Crashed his father's car). (May 16, 2001)
* Breaking and Entering/Trespassing at David's Valley Inn room. (Jun 7, 2001)
* Accomplice to theft. (Drugs from David's medical bag) (Jun 8, 2001)
* Violated his probation by smoking a joint with Frankie the day she was killed.
* Assaulted David Hayward. (May 24, 2002)
* Laced Babe's drink with a mood-altering drug, resulting in an overdose that nearly killed her. (Jul 2004)
* Filed a false police report saying that a man kidnapped Bess. (Jul 13, 2004)
* Had a videotape altered to make it appear as though Babe had threatened to kill JR and used the tape to blackmail Babe. (Oct 2004)
* Clubbed Jamie over the head with a wrench. (Dec 8, 2004)
* Held a gun to Tad Martin and threatened to kill him. (Jan 24, 2005)
* Pinned Jamie under a motorcycle (Apr 2005)
* Bribed a judge to terminate Babe's visitation rights. (Fall of 2005)
* Driving while intoxicated and hit Amanda Dillon with his car. (Nov 4, 2005)
* Nearly killed Kendall and her unborn child while attempting to kill Babe. (Spring 2006)
* With Jamie, locked Josh Madden in a meat locker. (late June 2006)
* In a drunken fit of rage against Josh Madden, JR jumped out of an upper story window and almost killed himself.
* Won Babe's heart - again.
* Tried to take over Fusion with Babe.
* Married Marissa Tasker, Babe's sister.
* Successfully battled cancer.
* Slept with Annie.

Who's played JR Chandler over the years?

Ryan Bittle (May 2013 - present)
Jacob Young (October 2003 - 2011)
Charlotte and Margaret Baughman (1989 - 1992 - recurring)
Kevin Alexander (1992 - 1996 - recurring)
Jesse McCartney (1998 - 2001 - recurring and contract)
Jonathan Bennett (November 2001 - 13 September 2002 - contract)
Andrew Ridings (October 2002 - 24 February 2003 - recurring)

Past History

Adam Chandler seduced Dixie Cooney, his step-daughter's nanny, in order to gain an heir to his fortune. His plan was to gain custody and raise the child with his present wife, Brooke. When JR was born, Brooke discovered the deception and left Adam, and Dixie refused to give up her child.

Adam had no choice but to marry her, but he tried to drive her crazy so he could have her declared mentally incompetent and win his son. Dixie's friend, Tad, figured out what was happening, and helped Dixie escape from the mental institution and get JR back. Tad and Dixie married, giving JR a stepfather.

The marriage ended when young JR innocently told his mother that he had seen his daddy kissing Liza. Dixie took her son and moved back to Pigeon Hollow. Somehow Adam got a temporary court order giving him custody, and Dixie had to come back. She decided to stay to be with her son, and eventually married Tad again. Because Adam was very jealous of Tad's relationship with his son, Adam tried to send JR to boarding school, but Dixie put a halt to it. By now, he had a half-brother, Jamie, born to Tad and Brooke, soon to be followed by a sister, Colby sired by his father with Liza.

JR's behavior in high school was fashioned after his conniving father. JR paid classmates to do his work, tried to bribe the police out of ticketing him, and got involved in drugs. When he crashed his father's car and nearly killed his passenger, he was sentenced to community service and counseling, but it didn't help. He still acted out when anything he didn't like happened between his parents and their significant others.

He lost what small bit of stability he had when Dixie left him in Tad's care and went to Switzerland, where she later died in a car crash. JR clashed with both of his fathers and refused to follow rules. His new companion became the trouble-making newcomer, Kendall Hart, estranged daughter of Erica Kane, but things between them remained platonic because of their ten-year age difference.

JR soon became infatuated with one of his classmates, Laurie Lewis, but her father and Adam did everything they could to break the two apart. Adam offered the young woman a Harvard education, and although JR expected her to turn it down, she didn't. JR was enraged at his father's interference, but wanted to make things work with Laurie. However, he ran away from Pine Valley when he learned that Jamie and Laurie had shared a passionate kiss.

After working for a while to clear his head, JR returned and surprised his family with a new bride, Babe Carey. Jamie was doubly surprised to see the young woman with whom he had slept with the previous night. Despite Adam's loathing for the woman he considered a fortune hunter, and his machinations to break the newlyweds apart, nothing worked. Babe became pregnant, and fearing the baby belonged to Jamie, she convinced her doctor to lie about her due date. JR was excited about being a new father, but Jamie still believed the child was his. Although a paternity test revealed JR as the father, the truth of Jamie and Babe's sexual encounter came out.

Babe and Bianca Montgomery were pregnant at the same time, and ended up stranded in a mountain cabin when Bianca went into labor. Babe ended up delivering the baby and calling on her ex-husband, Paul, a chopper pilot, to come to the rescue. He arrived and found Babe in labor and Bianca unconscious. He concocted a scheme to take Babe's son for his sister who had just lost her own. He drugged Babe and set up the scene and told the story: The copter crashed and Bianca's baby was thrown into the river. Babe ended up with Bianca's daughter, believing it was her own child. JR was elated to have little Bess in his life, and poor Bianca mourned the loss of her child, eventually becoming so grief stricken that she kidnapped the little girl from the hospital. As a show of forgiveness, Babe invited Bianca to be the child's godmother. JR wasn't happy as he no longer trusted her. Meanwhile bits and pieces of dreams haunted Babe, making her wonder why she always saw herself with a boy child.

Liza found a marriage certificate that proved Babe had been married to Paul when she married JR. She showed it to JR who immediately confronted Babe. She admitted to the marriage and stated that it had since been annulled. JR acted as though he believed her, and asked her to remarry him in the wedding of her dreams. His proposal was a sham. He and Adam were plotting revenge on Babe, finding a way to gain custody of the little girl and boot Babe out. Using Jamie as a pawn in a doctored video tape, JR made it appear that his sibling and Babe were plotting to kill him. To avoid prosecution, Babe signed over full custody and left town.

Babe had discovered the baby switch and left letters telling both JR and Bianca about it, but JR destroyed them and continued to raise Bess. Babe learned of it and lured JR to Florida for a charity event, and had Bianca come, too, where the truth was revealed.

In his anger, JR wanted to punish Babe. He found her with Jamie and a baby boy, and soon realized the child was his son, but a bitter custody battle ensued with Kevin Buchanan, a wealthy member of the Buchanan family from Llanview who had been raising the child as his own. When Kevin relinquished the child, JR named him Adam Chandler, III, and although Babe was granted limited visitation, JR withheld little Adam to punish her. JR got Jamie kicked out of medical school for his involvement with Babe.

JR hired a nanny for little Adam, and was struck by the amazing resemblance to his dead mother. Eventually, Di Kirby, lied and said she was Dixie Martin. JR's anger turned to joy at having his mother back. His attitude toward Jamie and Babe changed, and he seemed a much nicer person. But then Di's lie was revealed when his mother actually did return from the dead. Everything in JR's life was tied to lies and he turned to drinking to deal with his anger.

Little A and Babe were kidnapped by Janet Green, and when they were rescued, JR realized how much he loved Babe. They remarried, but Janet's haunting words kept playing over in his mind, telling him that he was being used. His distrust caused him to drink even more, and after overhearing part of a conversation between Babe and her mother, Krystal, he became convinced Babe was going to steal his son away. He plotted to off her by pushing a huge stack of building materials over on her, but instead his victim turned out to be a very pregnant, Kendall Hart. JR almost killed her and her unborn child.

JR was arrested and charged with attempted murder, but low and behold, Babe came to his rescue at the last minute, at the urging of Dixie, and testified on his behalf. He was set free and Babe had to suffer the wrath of the women she worked with at Fusion. JR joined Jamie in taunting Josh Madden, with hopes that he knew something about their missing sister, Kate.

Josh in the meantime had his eye set on Babe and was making it difficult for her and JR to rebuild their marriage. They were both working on trust issues, when Babe slept with Josh. JR got drunk, went to Josh's room, where he encountered Erica and Bianca, and he ended up taking a header out the window, and it was Josh who saved his life. JR returned home, bedridden and determined that he wanted nothing to do with his cheating wife. His feelings changed when a serial killer started targeting the women of Fusion. Simone and Erin were found dead, and Josh was taking a protective stance over Babe. JR, still fighting his feelings for her, hired a body guard to watch over her.

As a private investigator, Tad Martin went searching for Krystal Carey to learn about her daughter, Babe, JR Chandler's new wife. Krystal showed up in Pine Valley, at the Chandler Mansion, to find out that her little girl was pregnant. Krystal's less-than-refined ways were painfully apparent, and when she wanted to stay, Adam put his foot down. JR argued on Krystal's behalf and she moved in.

Tad was attracted to Krystal, but soon knew that she and Babe were keeping a secret. He eventually learned that Babe's previous marriage had not been annulled, but he promised not to say anything. In the meantime, Krystal filed the proper papers with the court to fix the problem, but immediately encountered another when she discovered that Babe had slept with Jamie and was paying her ex-husband, Paul, to doctor the tests to prove JR was the father. It turned out later that he really was.

When Babe's baby came, she was trapped in the middle of a storm with Bianca Montgomery. Babe delivered Bianca and then went into labor herself. She again called on Paul, a chopper pilot, and asked him to rescue them. He arrived, delivered Babe's child, and then administered something that made her very groggy. Once she was incoherent, he staged a copter crash and concocted a story. His story changed when Adam Chandler threatened him with bodily harm if anything had happened to his grandchild. Paul explained that Bianca's baby had been thrown into the river and Babe had a healthy little girl. In truth the child was Bianca's and Babe's son was taken to replace the child that Paul's sister had recently lost. This storyline tied AMC with OLTL for a time.

Krystal found out about the switch, and knowing the truth would damage Babe's marriage, she altered medical records to show that Babe was the mother of baby Bess. In the meantime, Tad and Krystal became romantically involved, but she couldn't deal with the guilt of everything she'd done and pushed him away. She didn't feel she deserved a man as good as he was. David Hayward turned out to be Babe's father from one of Krystal's one-night-stands years before, and she had to divulge that to her daughter.

When the truth about the baby exchange came to light, and Bianca got her daughter back, Babe and Jamie found the boy living in Llanview and being raised as a Buchanan. JR eventually got custody, and Krystal took the rap for the kidnapping to save Babe from being away from her child. It was in prison that Krystal met Di Kirby

Adam used his wealth and connections to have Krystal released, and she helped prove that the new nanny, Di Kirby, was not Dixie. During a drunken escapade to West Virginia, Krystal and Adam ended up married. However, while she was trying to console Tad, they slept together and she became pregnant. JR learned of it as Dixie lay dying in his arms.

JR finally told the truth and Adam was crushed. JR and Babe worked together to make things right for their parents but Krystal left Adam for good after Jenny was born and he tried to kidnap her. JR tried to turn his life around, hoping to be the man that Dixie believe he could be. No one believed he had changed and when Babe wouldn't take him back, he began drinking. He also started an affair with Amanda, who blackmailed him into giving her money. JR finally kicked the bottle - and Amanda! - out of his life and really worked hard to turn his life around. He was still in love with Babe and after the Satin Slayer was caught, they began making their way back to one another.

Richie Novak got in the way when he kidnapped JR and used his bone marrow illegally. JR finally got to the truth but before he could confront Richie, the man was killed. JR and Babe finally moved on; he convinced her to work with him to take over Fusion. They brought Adam in on their plan, but he really wanted the company for himself. The plan backfired when the new perfume line was contaminated; Babe took all the blame and quit her job. She told JR they had to leave Pine Valley to start fresh; they left for San Diego but Adam subpoenaed them back to Pine Valley for his lawsuit. Tornadoes struck town and Babe was wounded; she and JR remarried but then she died.

JR and his son are carried on without Babe. JR married Marissa, Babe's twin sister. JR was estranged from his father due to his involvement with Annie Lavery, but grew close again when JR battled cancer. JR received a bone marrow transplant from Annie, which drew them together. Once recovered, JR slept with Annie to prove to his father she was no good. When Adam found out, he left town.

The sexual tension remained between JR and Annie even though she became engaged to his cousin and business rival Scott. JR tried to keep his marriage going with Marissa but his dalliance with Annie was too much for her. Marissa slept with Scott and left JR.

Annie and Scott got married, but her pull towards JR was too great. Scott caught them in bed together and left Annie. He also decided to fess up to stealing Cortlandt Electronics' prototype, which landed him in a prison for a few months.

JR and Annie began an affair, but JR insisted they keep it secret so it wouldn't interfere with his custody suit against Marissa. The secrecy was too much for Annie and she had another breakdown, which landed her back in Oak Haven.

With Annie gone, JR decided he wanted his family back together and turned his attention on Marissa once again. He started to win her over, but when she deemed they were going too fast, he took it as rejection. That night, while consoling Amanda over her strained marriage, JR slept with his former fling. Immediately afterwards, Marissa told JR she was willing to give him another chance.

Flings and Relationships

adam Chandler (father)
Dixie Cooney (mother)
Hayley Vaughan (paternal half-sister)
Anna Claire Chandler (paternal half-sister - deceased)
Colby Marian Chandler (paternal half-sister)
Unnamed Child (maternal half-sister)
Paul 'Seabone' Hunkle (maternal grandfather)
Bess Cooney (maternal grandmother - deceased)
Stuart Chandler (paternal uncle)
Charlotte Chandler (paternal aunt - deceased)
Will Cortlandt (maternal uncle - deceased)
Melanie Cortlandt (maternal aunt)
Del Henry (maternal half-uncle)
Diana Henry (maternal half-aunt)
Scott Chandler (paternal cousin by adoption)
Ross Chandler (paternal cousin / maternal first cousin)
Lorenzo Hector Santos (paternal nephew)
Julie Rand Chandler (paternal first cousin/ maternal second cousin)
Palmer Cortlandt (maternal great-uncle)
Nina Cortlandt (maternal first cousin)
Andrew Preston (maternal first cousin by adoption)
Peter Cortlandt (maternal first cousin)
Bobby Warner (maternal second cousin by adoption)
Michael Warner (maternal second cousin)
Samuel Carlos Grey (maternal second cousin by adoption)


AJ Chandler Adam Chandler III (son with Babe - born March 22, 2004)


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