Josh Madden (as played by Colin Egglesfield on All My Children)

Useful information about Josh Madden

* Marital Status - Single/Never Been Married.
* Permitted Greenlee, Kendall and Simone to break into a sperm donation center.
* Statutory rape - had sex with an underage Danielle Frye.
* Tried to poison Erica Kane.
* Saved Ian's life.
* Embezzled $20 million from Zach.
* Was injured in a shoot-out with Zach and pronounced brain-dead.
* Erica chose to use Josh's heart to save Kendall's life.

Who's played Josh Madden over the years?

Colin Egglesfield (September 20, 2005 - Monday January 19, 2009)
Scott Kinworthy (June 17, 2005 - September 15, 2005)

Past History

Kendall, Greenlee and Simone were breaking into Greg Madden's clinic when his son Josh caught them. In exchange for keeping their secret, Kendall got him a job on her mother's TV show, New Beginnings. Josh couldn't understand why his father wasn't pleased about his new position, and noticed he wanted to distance his son from Erica at every turn. The whole thing was puzzling, but Josh figured the two must have had a past history.

When Josh met and befriended Babe Carey, Erica was totally annoyed because of the whole baby switch fiasco, and she warned him to stay away from the woman. Her words went unheeded as Josh pretended to have an affair with Babe to get Jamie Martin to leave her so he could inherit his aunt's wealth.

Being the producer of Erica's show wasn't enough for Josh. He wanted more, and began drugging her to make her look ridiculous on camera. He set up newly-hired, Amanda Dillon to take the fall, and although Erica originally believed it was Amanda, she eventually learned the truth and fired Josh.

After saving Erica's life at the Mardi Gras ball, Josh, who had completed his medical degree, got a job at Pine Valley Hospital. Unfortunately, Greg Madden was not well-liked by the people of Pine Valley, and Josh was not well-received.

Jeff Martin returned to Pine Valley, and it looked as though Josh might redeem his reputation by being part of a hand-picked team for a medical assignment, but a secret that came to light explained Jeff's interest in Josh.

Josh's attraction to Babe continued to grow, despite her protests that she loved her husband, JR, and wanted to make their relationship work.

What Josh didn't know was that Greg Madden was not his biological father, Jeff Martin was. Jeff and Erica had conceived a child, and Erica had decided upon abortion. Rather than terminate her pregnancy, Greg had stolen her embryo and implanted it in his own wife. When Josh discovered the truth, Babe consoled him and tried talking him into accepting his newfound family.

Greg Madden was found dead by Colby Chandler upon her return to town - somebody had buried him alive. Anyone who was involved in the search for little Emma Martin was immediately a suspect. Josh was an emotional wreck, torn by hatred for what Greg had done to Dixie and other women, and loving him for the man who raised him. Josh cast a suspicious eye on JR Chandler and Jamie Martin as suspects in Greg's death, but in the end, Dixie and Zach were arrested. The two were later freed when Tad concocted a lie that cast doubt on their guilt.

Babe eventually faltered and fell into Josh's arms, giving him hope of a future with her. Unfortunately, Babe chose to return to JR, hoping he would forgive her. While in a drunken stupor and searching for Josh, JR went to Josh's hotel room and ended up taking a header off the balcony. It was Josh who saved his life. Josh fought alongside Zach and Ryan to save the Fusion women; Zach and Kendall used him to save Babe after she was attacked. He helped to fake Babe's death and then tried to get her to come away with him; Babe wouldn't leave her family. She broke things off with Josh.

Alone for a while, Josh began having an affair with Hannah Nichols. Their relationship was short-lived; Hannah left town. Josh continued to stand by his family and when Kendall went into premature labor with Ian, Josh helped to save the child's life. He and Zach bonded over Ian and Zach offered him a high position with Cambias. At the same time, Josh began sleeping with Greenlee to keep an eye on her for Zach and Kendall; their affair was short-lived.

Josh used his position to embezzle $20 million from Zach; Kendall helped him leave town and now Josh is on the run. Josh returned to town after the tornados and when he learned of Kendall's condition, vowed revenge on Zach. He was injured in a shoot out with Zach and pronounced brain dead at Pine Valley Memorial. Zach convinced Erica to use Josh's heart to save Kendall's life.

Flings and Relationships

Greenlee Smythe (one night stand)
Hannah Nichols (slept together)
Babe Carey Chandler (affair)
Danielle Frye (one night stand/statutory rape)


Jeff Martin (father)
Erica Kane (mother)
Kendall Hart (maternal half-sister)
Bianca Montgomery (maternal half-sister)
Joseph Martin Sr. (paternal grandfather)
Helen Martin (paternal grandmother - deceased)
Henry Martin (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
Kate Martin (paternal great-grandmother - deceased)
Eric Kane (maternal grandfather - deceased)
Mona Kane (maternal grandmother - deceased)
Tara Martin (paternal aunt)
Bobby Martin (paternal uncle)
Joseph "Jake" Martin Jr. (paternal half-uncle)
Thadeus Martin (paternal half-uncle by adoption)
Mark Dalton (maternal half-uncle)
Silver Kane (maternal half-aunt)
Philip Charles Brent (paternal cousin)
Kate Jefferson (paternal cousin)
James Martin (paternal half-cousin by adoption)
Unnamed Child (paternal half-cousin by adoption)
Julie Rand Chandler (maternal half-cousin)
Spike Lavery (maternal half-nephew)
Miranda Mona Montgomery (maternal half-niece)
Paul Martin (paternal great-uncle)
Elizabeth Martin (paternal first cousin - deceased)
Unnamed Child (paternal first cousin)
Samuel Carlos Grey (paternal first cousin)
Ian Slater (maternal half-nephew)
Gabrielle Montgomery (maternal half-niece)




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