Janet Green (as played by Kate Collins on All My Children)

Useful information about Janet Green

* Known for wreaking havoc everywhere she goes.
* Kidnapped her sister, Natalie, to win Trevor Dillon's heart.
* Kidnapped her sister (twice), children, including Adam Chandler III (aka Little A) and is responsible for several murders.
* Has spent time in prison and in mental institutions.
* Set off a bomb at a charity ball to make people like her daughter, Amanda.
* Was tricked by Adam into kidnapping Jenny Martin.

Who's played Janet Green over the years?

Kate Collins (1991 - 1992, 2005 - 2006, February 2007; 2010; July 25, 2011 - present)
Robin Mattson (1994 - 2000)

Past History

In her efforts to win Trevor Dillon's heart, Janet began impersonating her sister Natalie. Janet kidnapped Natalie and left her in an abandoned well. Then, posing as Natalie married Trevor and convinced Pine Valley that she was in fact Natalie. Later, Natalie's son Timmy became suspicious. Her scheme fell apart when Janet kidnapped Hayley and shot her boyfriend, Brian Bodine. She would have murdered Hayley but the police found them just in time. While testifying in court, Janet fainted and it was learned that she was pregnant. Janet was allowed to stay in the hospital under police guard to await the birth of her child.

In the hospital, Janet's streak of evil-doing continued. She killed Will Cortlandt after learning he was abusing Hayley. She kidnapped Natalie for a second time but when she went into labor, Natalie helped deliver the baby, Amanda, and escaped her sister. For the first time, Janet was sent to prison. Amanda was raised by Trevor and Natalie, who was later killed in a car crash.

While in prison, Janet received plastic surgery to alter her appearance and was released for good behavior. She returned to Pine Valley as Jane Cox and resumed her infatuation with Trevor. They dated but she was outed as Janet, stopping the wedding. When Trevor began dating Laurel Banning, Janet tried to kill her by setting of a bomb at Trevor and Laurel's wedding. She was struck by lightning leaving the church. Janet began living in a cabin with her rescuer Pierce and a homeless girl, Laura Kirk. She was later discovered and accused of Laurel's murder. She was later proven innocent.

Janet saved Amanda's life when she fell down a well. She and Trevor began dating and eventually married. When her former cell mate arrived in Pine Valley, Janet murdered her and was sent to jail.

Strange things began happening again when Amanda returned to town. Turns out, Janet was off her medication and targeted Amanda's enemies. She tried to blow up residents attending a ball and was sent to a mental institution.

With Adam's help, Janet has once again escaped from an institution. She began living in the Chandler Attic, helping Adam with a plan to get revenge on the Martin Family by kidnapping Tad and Krystal's baby, Jenny. When she learned that Adam was going to give the baby away to strangers, Janet kidnapped her and locked them both in a doll warehouse. Jamie found the baby, who was sick, while Janet was "interviewing" Tad and Krystal to determine if they would be good parents. She was hauled back to the psychiatric hospital.

When Erica was admitted to Oak Haven, she ran into Janet, who orchestrated their escape.

Flings and Relationships

Trevor Dillon (deceased)


Wilma Marlowe (mother)
Natalie Marlowe (sister - deceased)
Timmy (maternal nephew)


Amanda Dillon (daughter with Trevor Dillon)


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