Jack Montgomery (as played by Walt Willey on All My Children)

Useful information about Jack Montgomery

* Marital Status - Single.
* Misappropriated funds from his brother's campaign.
* Aided and abetted Laurel in covering up the death of her husband, Denny.
* Attempted to strangle Michael after he found out he tried to rape Erica.
* Stole a gun from one of the evidence boxes at the Pine Valley Police Department.
* Investigated for misconduct while serving as District Attorney.
* Admitted to planting heroin in Michael's condo.
* Defended Erica on Insider Trading charges.

Who's played Jack Montgomery over the years?

Walt Willey (1987 - present)

Past History

Jackson Montgomery came to Pine Valley when his brother Travis was running for the senate, to purportedly handle his campaign funds. Jack accepted illegal bribes and did everything he could to undermine his brother's efforts as payback for the death of their sister, Christine. Jack had been blamed for the boating accident, but it had actually been Travis who was at fault.

Jack fell in love with Travis' wife, Erica, and the two had a clandestine romance behind Travis' back. When he found out, he divorced Erica and sued for custody of their daughter. Erica lost feelings for Jack when he refused to lie about their affair at the custody hearing. Jack, although still in love with Erica, had a brief fling with Brooke English.

Laurel Banning appeared in Jack's headlights one night and became a permanent fixture in his life. She had an autistic daughter by a previous marriage, and Jack came to love Lily as though she were his own. The relationship lasted until Laurel's ex-husband showed up and threatened Laurel's life. She killed him, and despite Jack's legal position, he helped hide the body. When the truth came out, Jack was disbarred temporarily.

He and Laurel stayed together until she fell in love with Trevor Dillon, then Jack stepped aside so the two could marry. Jack turned his attention to his career, won a few high publicity cases, and became Pine Valley's District Attorney.

His romance with Erica was rekindled when he represented her for kidnapping, and even though she was still sent to prison, Jack became a frequent visitor. Although there have been a string of men in Erica's life, she gravitates back to Jack. Mike Roy, Dimiti Marick, Adam Chandler, and many others have held her attention, but Jack seems to hold her heart. Although they have been through many obstacles, they finally married. The family grew as Jack adopted a young man named, Reggie, discovered he had Greenlee, a grown daughter by Mary Smythe, and Lily came home to live.

Always protective of Lily, her recent involvement with Jonathan Lavery was very disturbing to Jack. Despite his objections, the two married and moved in together. However, when Jonathan's brain function returned to normal, Jackson assumed that Jonathan had been lying to Lily all along and caused them to split. When Jonathan saved Lily from a would-be rapist, Jack apologized, finally understanding that Jonathan had been truthful and really cared about Lily. Unfortunately, she couldn't accept their differences and preferred to remain at home with her father and Erica.

With nephew Sean coming to stay, Erica announced that she needed some time and space for herself to plan for the sweeps week on TV. She moved into the Valley Inn, conveniently close to her newfound son, Josh, and her old husband, Jeff Martin. After continual pleas for her to come home, Jack finally had all her belongings delivered to the hotel. However, Sean and friend Colby Chandler teamed up to find a way to get Erica back home in time for Christmas by sending her romantic gifts. On Christmas, Erica and Josh showed up for the Montgomery gathering, and she and Jack seemed to be on their way to making amends until he invited her to a holiday musical and she announced she had already been invited by Jeff.

Jack struggled with his feelings and finally was ready to let Erica go because he didn't want to play her games. Then Jeff left town and Greenlee returned; Erica couldn't find their way back to one another because of Greenlee. They did become friends, though, and Jack stood by Erica when she was arrested for insider trading. Erica convinced him to take on Carmen's case, too, after the two were found running from the law. Jack did and discovered he liked Carmen; they began dating. Erica didn't like that and tried to break them up. She also began dating Adam. Seeing that he was still in love with Erica, Carmen broke up with Jack.

Jack left town after Lily went to college and he learned Kendall caused Greenlee to go off the cliff, presumably to her death. He returned however when Erica began seeing Ryan. Greenlee also returned from the dead soon after. Erica and Ryan broke up and Jack reunited with his long time love.

Jack and Erica left town to go on a blissful world tour. They came back to reality however and dove head first into their children's problems. Erica was also involved in a plane crash and was missing for weeks. She met Caleb Cortlandt who had been living in seclusion for the past 20 or so years. After Erica was rescued, Jack wanted to forge ahead with their wedding. Erica went along with it, but was forming a close bond with Caleb. In the end though she was prepared to marry Jack, but someone kidnapped her before she could say I do.

Flings and Relationships

Travis Montgomery (brother - deceased)
Christine Montgomery (sister)
Bianca Montgomery (niece)
Molly Montgomery (niece)
Matthew Sean Montgomery (nephew)
Miranda Mona Montgomery (great-niece)
Gabrielle Montgomery (great-niece)


Greenlee Smythe (daughter with Mary)
Reginald Montgomery (son by adoption)
Lily Montgomery (daughter by adoption)


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