Heather Kent (as played by Stevie Steel on All My Children)

Useful information about Heather Kent

* Attends Bramwall Hall.
* Friends with Miranda Montgomery and AJ Chandler.
* Stood up for Miranda at Jane's Addiction.
* Dislikes Pete Cortlandt for what she perceived was him using her friend Celia Fitzgerald.
* Was asked to the Chandler gala by AJ Chandler.

Who's played Heather Kent over the years?

Stevie Steel (May 30, 2013 – present)

Past History

Heather provided a sympathetic ear to Celia Fitzgerald at Bramwell Hall about her relationship with Pete Cortlandt. She also stood up to a bunch of bullies who were harassing Miranda Montgomery at Jane's Addiction.

She has developed feelings for her new friend AJ Chandler, but doesn't want to cause problems with Miranda Montgomery. Still, she accepted a date to the Chandler gala with him.

Flings and Relationships

* AJ Chandler (flirtation)






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