Griffin Castillo (as played by Jordi Vilasuso on All My Children)

Useful information about Griffin Castillo

*His mentor was David Hayward.
*Jake blamed him for stealing his ex-wife away from him in Africa, but he turned out to be Cara's brother.
*Saved Kendall's life and then fell for her.
*Was arrested for stealing drugs from the hospital.
*In cahoots with David.

Who's played Griffin Castillo over the years?

Jordi Vilasuso (November 16, 2010 - present)

Past History

As soon as Dr. Griffin Castillo arrived in town, he flirted with Amanda, treated Opal and was then punched in the face by Jake, who blamed him for stealing his wife, Cara, when they were with Doctors Without Borders. However, Griffin turned out to be Cara's brother.

Griffin treated Kendall for her heart condition and saved her life on more than one occasion. They became close and he confided in her that he was stealing drugs from the hospital in order to help clinics that didn't have the money for them.

Reverend Ricky became close to Kendall as well and set Griffin up to make it look like he killed Zach. But it was Ricky who actually sabotaged Zach's plane. Griffin was eventually cleared of the charges, but was still forced to do community service for stealing the drugs.

Griffin left town to do his community service in Chile, but returned because he was falling in love with Kendall. They kissed and decided to take things slow considering she was still getting over Zach's death and he's been a playboy all his life.

As Griffin romanced Kendall, it was revealed that he was working on a secret project with David called Project Orpheus.

Flings and Relationships

Cara Castillo (sister)




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