Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) (as played by Sabine Singh on All My Children)

Useful information about Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past)

*Co-founder of Fusion with Kendall Hart.
*Made a sex tape with Scott Chandler.
*Pushed Laura English overboard while on a yacht.
*Was drugged and nearly killed by Jonathan Lavery.
*Left town when she learned Kendall was not, in fact, acting as a surrogate with her and Ryan's child and was actually carrying her own child with Ryan.

Who's played Greenlee Smythe Lavery (Past) over the years?

Sabine Singh (April 2007 - November 2007)
Rebecca Budig (1999 - 2005)

Past History

Greenlee arrived in Pine Valley, trying to win back ex-boyfriend Scott Chandler. When she learned Scott was involved with Becca, Greenlee used their sex tape to get rid of the other woman. When Scott learned of her actions, he ended any chance of a relationship and Greenlee turned to friend, Ryan Lavery for comfort. Greens developed deep feelings for Ryan, but didn't tell him. The two founded During this time, she tried to ruin his relationship with Gillian. Leo du Pres found out and the two became friends. When she realized she and Ryan would never be a couple, Greenlee turned to Leo du Pres for comfort. They fell in love.

Their relationship was rocky and during one estrangement, Greenlee had an affair with Jake Martin. She soon went to work at Enchantment but was fired because she couldn't get along with Erica Kane.

Eventually, Greenlee and Leo got back together and married. When Leo's mother tried to kill her, Leo saved her life but was killed himself. Greenlee dove into work to deal with the trauma and started Fusion with Kendall Hart. She began dating Carlos Reyes but they soon broke up.

A few months later, she learned that Jackson Montgomery was her biological father. She began seeing Juan Pablo Ruiz de Vasquez (Carlos' brother), who helped her deal with a takeover of Fusion by Michael Cambias. Juan Pablo began pushing her away to save her from a gang and Greens turned to Ryan again. Ryan was seeing Kendall, but broke up with her soon after and asked Greenlee to marry him. She was targeted and nearly killed by Jonathan Lavery, but Ryan saved her life.

Greenlee wanted children, though Ryan didn't, and decided to use his sperm donation to become pregnant with his child. The pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and Greenlee learned she would never bear children. Kendall came to the rescue, offering to act as a surrogate. However, when Greenlee's eggs were harmed, Kendall replaced them with her own and became pregnant with Ryan's child. When she learned the truth, Greenlee left town.

In 2007, Greenlee returned to Pine Valley, intent on winning Ryan back. She stopped his wedding by announcing they were still married; Ryan hopped a flight to South America to get a quickie divorce and then married Annie anyway. Greenlee tried to make peace with Kendall but couldn't give up on Spike. She kidnapped him when Kendall went into early labor but then decided to take him home. They were in an accident and it was later learned that Spike had hearing loss.

Greenlee blamed herself but the doctors found he had a degenerative condition. She and Kendall struggled and finally became close friends again. Around this time Ryan lost his memory after a shooting; he decided he was still in love with Kendall. Greenlee felt jealous and tried to help Ryan, but he could only remember his love for Kendall.

Flings and Relationships

Aidan Devane
Ryan Lavery
Leo du Pres
Scott Chandler
Joseph "Jake" Martin Jr.
Trey Kenyon
Carlos Reyes
Juan Pablo Renato Ruiz de Vasquez


Jackson Montgomery (father)
Mary Smythe (mother)
Roger Smythe (step-father - deceased)
Reggie Montgomery (paternal half-brother - adopted)
Lily Montgomery (paternal half-sister - adopted)
Woodruff Greenlee (maternal grandfather)
Millicent Greenlee (maternal grandmother)
Travis Montgomery (paternal uncle - deceased)
Christine Montgomery (paternal aunt)
Bianca Montgomery (paternal cousin)
Molly Montgomery (paternal cousin)
Sean Montgomery (paternal cousin)
Miranda Montgomery (paternal first cousin)


Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Ryan Lavery)


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