Frankie Hubbard (as played by Cornelius Smith, JR on All My Children)

Useful information about Frankie Hubbard

*Was given up for adoption and then kidnapped by his biological parents.
*Was nearly killed in a bomb explosion in New York.
*Watched a junkie overdose in California.
*Served in Iraq.
*Full name: Franklin Quentin Hubbard.
*Married to Randi.

Who's played Frankie Hubbard over the years?

Z Wright (1980s)
Jason Olive (July 2002 - December 2002)
Cornelius Smith, JR (November 2007 - present)

Past History

Frankie Hubbard was born to Jesse and Angie Hubbard but was given up for adoption at birth because Angie believed Jesse did not want children. When she discovered he did want children, they plotted to kidnap their baby back. There were eventually given custody of the boy. Jesse was killed in the line of duty a few years later; Frankie and his mother moved to Los Angeles and then to Corinth, Pennsylvania.

There Frankie fell in love with Briana Hawkins and his mother married Charles Harrison. When they learned that Charles was Bree's father, Bree felt very awkward about their relationship and broke up with him. They found their way back to each other for a short time but then Frankie and his mother moved on to New York City where she opened a free clinic.

While living in New York Frankie decided to enroll in film school; his mother met and eventually married Jacob. When the two became foster parents to a white girl named Kayla some people became incensed; one person set off a bomb in the clinic, nearly killing Frankie. He decided to leave New York and moved to California to be near Bree.

Frankie returned to Pine Valley in 2002 after completing medical school; he was given an intern position at Pine Valley Hospital thanks to Joe Martin.

Frank, as he preferred to be known, developed a relationship with Simone Torres even though her father objected to the relationship. Frank decided during this time that he wanted to find the child he and Mia had given up for adoption. Mia's fiance convinced Frank not to search and to leave the child alone. Just after this Frank and Simone broke up because she found out that, while filming a documentary in California, he did not help a homeless junkie who was about to overdose. Simone said this was her brother, who had been in a coma since then. Frank tried to explain that he didn't have medical training but Simone couldn't accept his explanation. Frank left town.

Frank returned to Pine Valley in 2007; Aidan found him camping in the woods while searching for Greenlee and Zach. He was very secretive and called himself "Quentin". Aidan found Quentin, disoriented and sick, at Sylvester's farm and took him to the hospital.

Angie was called in to work Frankie's case; Jesse returned to town, too. The family was reunited but Papel still threatened them. At Jesse and Angie's wedding, Papel struck but Jesse defeated him. Frankie went to work at the hospital and soon was drawn into the life of prostitute Randi; he saw the good in her and offered her help. She was standoffish at first but Frankie won her over. They moved in together on a platonic basis.

Frankie's old lieutenant returned to town; Taylor wanted desperately to return to war but soon after her redeployment papers arrived, tornadoes struck. Taylor was paralyzed after a fall. Frankie worked with Jake to try to heal her. At this time, Tad asked Frankie to help him with a case and Frankie learned that Taylor's presumed-dead fiance was really alive. Unsure what to do, Frankie kept Brot's secret.

When Frankie returned from Iraq with his hands unusable, Brot stood by him, as did his new wife, Randi, along with his parents. Frankie regained use of his hands and took his rightful place at Pine Valley Hospital.

Frankie became inadvertently involved with Madison North when she began making trouble for the Hubbards. He came to sympathize with her when he learned that she was being controlled and abused by her father. Frankie is keeping an eye on the reformed Madison as she works and volunteers alongside his wife Randi.

His work life hit a few snags as David began making Angie's life miserable at the hospital and Frankie became a pawn in his game. His friendship with Madison also grew as he started dolling out romantic advice and invited her to stay with him and Randi while her place was being worked on.

Flings and Relationships

Randi (wife)
Briana Hawkins
Mia Saunders
Simone Torres


Jesse Hubbard (father; deceased)
Angela Baxter (mother)
Cassandra Foster (maternal half-sister; via adoption)
Les Baxter (maternal grandfather; deceased)
Pat Baxter (maternal grandmother)
Eugene Hubbard (half-uncle)
Dr. Franklin Grant (great-uncle)
Carl Blair Jr. (first cousin once removed)


William (son with Mia; given up for adoption)


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