Erica Kane (as played by Susan Lucci on All My Children)

Useful information about Erica Kane

* Marital Status - Married (Jackson Montgomery).
* Slept with Jason Maxwell while married to Jeff Martin.
* Hired an actor to portray a minister to marry Jeremy and Natalie thus making their marriage void.
* Killed Kent Bogard for having an affair with Connie Wilkes who impersonated the real Silver Kane. She became a fugitive from justice when arrested for the murder and she even dressed as a nun! She was cleared of those charges.
* Kidnapped Bianca.
* Lied under oath to try to retain custody of Bianca.
* Arrested for slapping a police officer.
* Faked amnesia to hold on to Dimitri.
* Stabbed Dimitri because she thought he had raped Kendall.
* Addicted to pain-killers after a fall from scaffolding during a modeling shoot.
* Kidnapped Maria and Edmund's baby and tried to pass it off as her own.
* Tied David Hayward up in her basement and put his hand in a vise to get back at him for causing the accident that scarred her face.
* Jailed for interrupting Jake and Liza's custody hearing.
* Coerced Greenlee into signing a lopsided contract.
* Impersonated Greenlee Smythe on the phone.
* Opened a letter addressed to Chris Stamp.
* Withheld information offering Kendall an alibi in arson charges.
* Arrested for breaking and entering into Kendall's hotel room.
* Held personal information over Mary Smythe's head to prevent her from telling Jackson that he was Greenlee's father.
* Offered Lena Kundera in excess of $3 million to stop seeing Bianca permanently.
* Attempted to stab Kendall Hart with a pair of scissors because she thought Kendall was Michael Cambias.
* Shot Adam Chandler because she hallucinated and thought he was Michael Cambias.

Who's played Erica Kane over the years?

Susan Lucci (January 10, 1970 - present)

Past History

Erica Kane has grown from a beautiful teenager into a mature, beautiful woman right before the eyes of the show's audience. It seems that she has caught the attention of every man on the show at one time or another, but she hasn't won them all. Phillip Brent was one she set her sights on but couldn't win from Tara Martin, so she settled for Jeff Martin, Tara's older brother and medical intern. Jeff's wallet was no match for Erica's high standard of life, so she left him and moved on. Pregnant with his child, she hid the information from him and aborted his baby.

Another play for Philip, who was estranged from Tara, ended in a wedding, but a miscarriage and nervous breakdown ended their time together. Erica quickly moved on to a friend of her mother's, Nick Davis. Not one to keep her eye from wandering to greener pastures, Erica set her sights on Mark Dalton, an instructor at Pine Valley University, but that romance got nipped in the bud when Erica's mother, Mona, admitted that Mark was Erica's half-brother.

Erica stayed with Nick, and he even proposed, but she broke their engagement and wed Tom Cudahy, whom she met while working as hostess in his restaurant. Erica's lies and secrets destroyed their relationship when she took birth-control pills behind his back. Her affair with Brandon Kingsley, a tycoon in the cosmetic industry, brought divorce papers from Tom.

Erica hired Mike Roy to ghostwrite her biography, and she developed deep feelings for him. But the lure of millionaire, Adam Chandler's money was stronger, and she married him, hoping to turn her book into a movie and garner the staring role. The marriage was tumultuous at best, and by the time she ended it, any chance at a future with Mike had been dashed by his death.

Next came Jeremy Hunter, but that didn't work for long either. She moved on to politician, Travis Montgomery and became pregnant with daughter, Bianca, but later divorced him. She had cheated with his brother, Jack, and became engaged to him, but when Bianca became deathly ill with Reye's syndrome, concerned parents, Travis and Erica reunited. Before long, Erica was back in Jack's arms.

Brooke English had her eye on Jack, too, and Erica was livid. Their longstanding rivalry over men dated back to Tom Cudahy. Erica accused Brooke of following her around and picking up her leftovers, and it was true. Brooke had married Adam Chandler and was engaged to Mark for a while, and there were others.

Erica parted from Jack and moved on to her next husband, Dimitri Marick. Their marriage hit a rocky spot when Kendall Hart, the product of Erica's rape at the age of fourteen, showed up on their doorstep and began making her mother's life miserable.

Daughter, Bianca, whom Erica lost in a custody battle with husband, Travis, was living in Seattle when Erica discovered her daughter was suffering from Anorexia. Erica was in jail at the time on kidnapping charges, but was released to help Bianca recover. When she returned from a rehab center, Erica gave her a management position in her cosmetic company, Enchantment. Things smoothed out for a while until Erica was in a car accident and was left with a horrible scar on her cheek. Erica took revenge on the driver, Dr. David Hayward, and held him hostage in her basement. She threatened to destroy his hands, the tools of his trade as he had destroyed her face.

The fine line between hate and love narrowed as the two became involved. A notable plastic surgeon was able to restore Erica's beauty, but her union with David was in trouble. He worked long hours, leaving Erica bored and lonely, and he despised the way she compared him with ex-husband, Dimitri.

On Christmas Eve of that year, Bianca admitted to her mother that she was gay. Erica listened but refused to believe. She tried to bribe one lover into leaving town, and threatened to kill another, but eventually Erica had to accept her daughter's sexual preference. It was during this time that Erica had a love affair with Chris Stamp.

Erica's relationship with daughter Kendall was always bitter. Kendall resented the mother who threw her away and Erica couldn't stand the sight of a child who brought back horrible memories. Kendall was blamed for setting fire to Erica's home, but lack of evidence cleared her. Eventually the two bonded and Erica found herself with two daughters she loved.

Erica was engaged to Chris, but old memories of Jackson Montgomery led to a night of cheating. When Chris found out, he dumped Erica. She and Jack became an item again, but all was not well. Michael Cambias was causing problems in Erica's business life, trying to win Enchantment away from her. Using Bianca's love interest, Lena who was also Erica's new CFO, he tried to steal a secret formula. He succeeded in breaking up Lena and Bianca, and eventually raped Bianca, sending her into a deep depression. She kept the rape a secret and hid the resulting pregnancy from everyone except her sister, Kendall.

When a stray sonogram tipped off Ryan Lavery, Kendall admitted to being the pregnant one, and even padded her stomach. She tricked Michael into marrying her, and when he turned up dead, she was the prime suspect. Bianca later remembered what had happened the night she blacked out, but she was cleared of murder charges. For a brief time, Erica turned to alcohol to ease the stress of what was happening to her daughters.

After the great baby switch between Babe Chandler and Bianca, Maggie and Bianca took little Miranda and moved to Europe. Kendall, following in her mother's footsteps, joined with Greenlee Smythe, and Simone Torres to form Fusion Cosmetics. Jack and Erica married and hoped to live happily ever after, but Erica discovered that the abortion she had suffered years earlier had been a sham. Her embryo had been used by her doctor, Greg Madden, to impregnate his own wife. Her son by Jeff Martin had just blown into town and was working at Pine Valley Hospital. Dr. Madden was there, too, and had a sick infatuation with Erica until someone killed him.

Erica and Jeff were at odds about telling Josh the truth, but when Greg Madden was found dead, it seemed like a good time to comfort their son. At first, Josh held them at arm's length, really hating Erica's interference in his pursuit of Babe Chandler, and detesting Jeff for his positive outlook, but Josh eventually warmed to his new parents. Jack felt left in the background when Erica and Jeff began spending so much time together.

Needing more 'me' time, to prepare for the 'sweeps,' Erica moved temporarily to the Valley Inn, having no idea that she made herself more accessible to Jeff. He wanted nothing more than to recapture their old flame, but Erica's feelings for Jack were holding her back, until he had all her belongings delivered to her door. To add to her stress, someone is killing the women of Fusion, and her daughters are at risk.

It turned out that Alexander Cambias was behind the killings; he was brought to justice and then Kendall realized she was pregnant again. Erica struggled with Kendall's pregnancy, afraid for her daughter. When Greenlee returned to town and kidnapped Spike, sending Kendall into early labor, Erica began to campaign against Greens. This led to a separation with Jack.

Soon after, baby Ian was born and it was learned that Spike was deaf. Erica convinced Kendall to have cochlear implants placed in Spike to that he could hear.

Then, at the Go Red Fashion show, Erica was arrested on insider trading charges; she was sentenced to six months in jail. There she met - and escaped with - Carmen, a woman wrongly accused of robbery. They went on the rampage together and took Carmen's boyfriend's mother hostage; it turned out that the two framed Carmen. Erica and Carmen were found and returned to jail where their friendship deepened.

Erica convinced Jack to take on Carmen's appeal and then convinced Adam to hire Carmen so she could be released on bond. When Erica was released from prison, she began to flirt with both Jack and Samuel Woods; Jack wouldn't play her games and said it was over between them. He began dating Carmen, which made Erica angry.

She tried to undermine the relationship and ended her friendship with Carmen. Then, Erica began 'dating' Adam so that she could learn what he had in store for Fusion. She learned everything when they were trapped during the tornadoes. When they were rescued, Erica took over Fusion for an injured Kendall and blackmailed Adam into dropping his phoney lawsuit against Fusion.

Erica became involved for a short while with Ryan, but eventually reunited with Jack.

Erica's plane crashed into a mountain after David tampered with it in an attempt to undermine her for Greenlee. She took refuge with mountain man Caleb, who had no use for her. She was eventually rescued and Caleb came to Pine Valley to reveal he was actually Palmer's nephew - Caleb Cooney.

As deemed by Palmer, Erica and Caleb ran Cortlandt Electronics together and became closer. Although engaged to Jack, Erica was affected by Caleb, who had fallen in love with her. Despite a last ditch effort by Caleb to win her over, Erica chose Jack, but was kidnapped before she could marry him.

Flings and Relationships

Richard Fields (raped on her birthday)
Charles Tyler III (1970 - dated)
Jason Maxwell (1972 to 1973 - deceased)
Nick Davis
Brandon Kingsley
Lars Bogard
Lincoln Tyler
Kent Bogard
Mark Dalton (before learning of their relationship - never lovers)
Mike Roy
Steven Andrews (alias - Dave Gillis)
Jeremy Hunter
Charlie Brent
Jack_Montgomery (several flings over the years)
Jonathan Kinder
Mike Roy (second Time)
Chris Stamp (engaged August 10th, 2002)


Eric Kane (father - deceased))
Mona Kane (mother - deceased)
Silver Kane (half-sister - deceased)
Mark Dalton (half-brother)
Julie Rand Chandler (half-niece)
Spike Lavery (grandson by Kendall)
Miranda Mona Montgomery (granddaughter by Bianca)
Ian Slater (grandson by Kendall)
Gabrielle Montgomery (granddaughter by Bianca)


Kendall Hart (daughter with Richard)
Joshua Madden (son with Jeff - originally aborted)
Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Philip)
Bianca Montgomery (daughter with Travis)
Unnamed Child (miscarriage with Dimitri)


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